In the name of the future
Date Published: 01.01.2008

In the name of the future

The first Polish-Ukrainian literary seminar “literature on the verge of centuries and large socio-political changes in Ukraine and Poland” took place on December 6-8 in the far from Kyiv City Kosalini. It should be noted that the owners are well prepared for this event, in which the Polish side was attended by peršorâdnì writers: the head of the Union of Polish writers Marek Vavzhkevych, a famous poet and translator-Ukrainist Bogdan Strira, whose poems repeatedly We published on the pages of “universe” and different poetic anthologies, and recently came to the world a separate book, as well as famous poets and literary critics Leszek Zhulynsky, Michal Jagello, Andrzej Vashkevych and, of course, the real classic of the modern Polish Literature, author of translated books in Ukraine “pine nuts”, “Wandering Lights”, “Storm”, “time, guys, home” and finally “Sibiriad Polish”, the holder of the order of Yaroslav the Wise coincided Domino.

By the way, Polish participants of the seminar, as well as Ukrainian ones, were treated with Warsaw by train through half of Poland. But the idea of the organizers, among which, in addition to the Union of Polish writers, were gdanska the higher humanitarian school and the Baltic higher Humanitarian School in Kosalini (in the Hall of which in the presence of students and a seminar took place)-proved to be surprisingly successful. After all, such a distant trip enabled one of the seminar sessions to take on a departure – before teachers and students of the Ukrainian lyceum of white Bir town. And a trip, perhaps, a stock? And the Ukrainian and Polish writers are not the most: and three flags – Ukraine, Poland and the European Union – in front of the Lyceum, and memory? The most important are the disciples, who are here on Western Pomor? The language And culture of parents-Ukrainians and at the same time there are already citizens of free trade in Europe.

The meeting in the Lyceum was a kind of open lesson – and it is not only literature, but also the civil position – that it together with Polish colleagues gave members of the Ukrainian delegation: Secretary of the Board of the NSPU Anatoly Krym, writers Valery Guzhva, Sergey Borchevovskiy, an Atoils Moysiyenko.

A touching event within the framework of the seminar was the creative evening of the poet-songwriter Ryszard Ulitsky on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his or not the most famous work – the song “Colour Fairs” and the 45 anniversary of creative activity. And that the countdown of creative activity on the Registrar is conducted in years, but not in the concrete dates, it is quite good to assume that this evening is not by chance, but from the good intentions of Mr. Ulitsky (which with his wife Maria, the editor of the “lunar” magazine was actively joined to The organization of the Workshop) was held during the course of the writers from Ukraine.

In general, the seminar, which became the first after a long break of the meeting of Ukrainian and Polish writers at the level of official delegations of creative unions, confirmed one undeniable fact: a desire to cooperate. The relevant agreement was signed by December 9, Marek Vavzhkevich and Anatoly Krym. Next, the second seminar, it is supposed to hold already in Ukraine.

Sad and joyful – near…
Date Published: 06.02.2008

Volodymyr is a member of the National Writers ‘ Union of Ukraine, the Ukrainian writer’s major ascetic, a tireless propaganda of the national case, in these days. A man for whom the word has never been divorced with deeds. For many years, he organized the performances of writers to the residents of Ukraine. In the morning mornings and late evenings, in the heat and the wake of the tracks of literary speeches, awakened in human souls shoots good, honour and justice. Ukraine was put from under the oppression of totalitarian pressure, from under the invasion of hostile Communist horde brilliant flashes of the written word, which always stood on the defense of the People’s soul. He was awakened by the people, and his soul… And the time came, and the human conscience was stressful, the very high word, and people came to the Maidan, and threatened eternal justice: the People’s soul called Eternal Revolutionary, which is the “spirit that the body of the rve to fight”. And the writers are those who have been the forerunner of the new Ukrainian state, and then are trading their tracks to human dwellings. And then live the hopes and dreams of folk – they carry in their palms a burning light of the Ukrainian word. And among them – the writer Vladimir is a great, who is tirelessly working on the field of Ukrainian literature. In the days when the world is risen by the large-Dnieper carols, when people are amazed in the light of the Bethlehem star, and the shepherds make up their prayers, the town Shepetovka, that in Khmelnytsky region, congenital thoughts remembers his glorious countryman Vladimir, who was born here. And Lviv is proud of its wise Labour, his tireless feat of written word, is encouraging in sparkling sounds and barwah of his dotheps, in his sparkling living energies, in his tireless love for the world and people. Sad and joyful – near… After reading the book by Volodymyr Potasha “while still lit my candle” (Lviv: Spot, 2003). (Attempted spawning)

Friend… Do you know what I felt this night?

Voice of candles…

She is waiting for her time. Not a warm fire, she was lonely and confused. The cross-winds of the era were fanled. So lonely there was a candle – under the storms, winds, lightning flashes. She could be a lightning herself. Strong and even cruel, but above all loved the silence of his beloved palms, which would have kept her tenderly and gently. And she then would be just burned in these palms. And it is happy that he gives warmth to this one-odshy fingers, tired daily fuss. The fingers are warmed by her… And do not even remention it, hurry to overcome the next summit. does not weigh any… They will triumph and triumph.

Only on the foot-finger, near the nail, will remain dead tears of candles in the form of wax pots. They gently clean the current knife, or large inlaid hunting knife. What is the difference? From that it will hurt no less. Not even oblivion, and Ota indifference. Patronizing.

And the candle has learned to give the Council with his pain. She saw the theatre of human performances, which is close to the sum and joy, triumph and hypocrisy, ululousness and indifference, sincerity and undefensive. “With a magazine of Joy embraced…” Sad and joyful – next. How to death and birth… How to fade and bloom…

Therefore, the candle was desperately stuck with a thin condition behind the metal candlestick. He hurts his fortune–it was uncomfortable and unattractive. How would she want to be the one who lit her, held in his palms gently-prishazhno. As it were then shined. How would she then burned – did not minimize… And instead – This metal, though exquisitely inlaid, candlestick with metal green zigzag. And destiny do not choose. And the era in which you live, and hands that ignite you. Although… “Let them be blessed by the palms that gave me fire, and thus life…”-Mentally born in the heart of the candles.

Tomorrow will say that it was burning not as it was set near the olarya of creativity. As if someone knows how it should be right. Tomorrow will say that she pops up there is something like that… That she burned off by surprise; And it could have long been a long time, if they did not explode such sparks of Fire, from which the heavens were amazed.

But it will be tomorrow. And today – behind the theater of backstage and masks, the word of Poluim is blazing. Tomorrow’s candle will continue to burn. Invisibly. And there shall be those who will feel this fire. And it will be up to him. And some will go with empty eyes and Dube, “What is dreamy smiling with these eccentric passers-by?”

Why do I think for a long time about the image of candles, because it is decorated with the cover of the Book of Vladimir I was still lit my candle. and behind it – human faces in masks of joy and sadness. and Candlestick – Through a whole page. Heavy, massive. As a perst of God or man; And, maybe, own conscience; Who has the highest right to be a judge for each of us. These motifs are an aesthetic credom of the book of writer Vladimir I.

And the book is groundbreaking. by construction. It looks like at first glance, on the salad-olliv \ ‘ is, which has sketched everything that is in the house; To treat guests. It is a sincere, flavored and delicious, presented with a joyful smile.

So I always do when I do not have time to prepare something: I throw everything together – and it turns out cool! But not I say constantly to my students, that there is a general laws, which obey the laws of social, philosophical, psychological, moral and… Personal. The writer Vladimir carried out the traditional forms of eclectic and rather unexpected composition. As a kinder feast, here is a solemn harmony of bitter, lean, salty and sweet… I would try to visit the feast, where they were sweet, or – salty… have been, say… But bored and prisno. And we have to do with the scale. Merry! Richer! All sorts, different, Bon Appétit…

Perhaps the moments of the biography of Volodymyr Vvany; When “Fortunately for a long time, a strain of thought of writing the hatch, and when the bald party collar” was “handed out” for the not enough faithful editing of the factory newspapers. ” Thus, perhaps even then the need to protest as a result of the action as a necessity of the case was born. Protesting how to manifest their own thoughts as the need for awareness to “be”.

Thus, the book consists of three most important parts: a political-philosophical poetry, in which the truth in poetic form is glorified today; Satirical poetry, the dominant theme of which was the study of human relationships and poetic portraits of people who are close by the author. The framing of philosophical-political (first part) and satirical (last part) – as a plus and minus, as the diametrically opposites of human being.

And in the middle there is sincere and unfeigned pain of the human heart. Stories about people who are not with us in this world, whose life is passed into the otherworldly dimension of the human being. And then the author takes off a mask – he stands, unsheltered and not hidden, with his pain and a strip, with sincere tears in his eyes. For how to relive the pain of leaving? Do you learn to live with this pain? Because literature doesn’t travel to the wounds of those who stayed. and is it a good word about those who flew into the uncircumcised worlds of white swans, doves, and siphons – the only thing we can do for them and for us. For our understanding and for their purification. Stories about them are the three of our lives.

So combined the pain of the era and the suffering of a particular person. For the age is worthy only and that you will learn to see every man, to feel her soul and heart. That is why such a journalistic stream in poetic works has its future and its philosophical and psychological substantiation.

Today we are. Tomorrow

Only time.

Over US spring,

Autumn and winter.

Over US – Busol

and Bumble Bass

And the World of Love

Eternally unquenched. (S. 102)

The pain of the epoch is a pass-through theme of the book by Volodymyr I. And whatever he wrote – or about funny, or about the tragic – in his words, he lives the fire of candles, which illuminates the epoch, its washing unrinsing, its purity and vanity, its holy accuracy and routine, its eternal movement and routine Zaskostenysh. But over that tomb is holy and eternal right to “be…” For as long as the candle-burning words burn, the people are irresistible.

Mariya Yakubovskaya

Date Published: 09.03.2008

On awarding the national Prize of Ukraine
Shevchenko 2008.
Kyiv, February 21, 2008.

Committee on the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko

P O t a n o b l I have:

1. To approve the protocol of the Counting Commission of the Committee on counting and summarizing the results of secret voting of works and works, admitted to the third round of the competition for obtaining the national Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko in 2008.

2. To award the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko in 2008 for works and works which scored ¾ and more votes are present at the meeting of members of the Committee, such writers and artists:

The voices of Love Vasillivni, the writer – for the novel “Episodic Pampyat”;

Alexander I. Dzekon, Director-Director, petheating of Vladimir Yulianovich, actor-for the performance “Berestechko” of the Rivne regional academic Ukrainian music and drama Theater;

Lyashenko Gennady Ivanovich, a composer-for the cantata “Mystery of Silence” and “stained-glass and landscape” for the choir a cappella on the verses of Taras Shevchenko and Bogdan-Ihor Antonych;

Maluhovu Vitaly Efimovich, director-Director, Benyuku Bogdan Mykhailovich, Aktovya, Sumskaya Natalia Vyacheslavvivni, actress-for the performance “about mice and people” of the theatrical Company “Benyuk and Khotostikoev”;

Pereynosu Peter Mussievich, poet – for the collection of poems «Wheat Clock»;

The peasant faith of the ostorcocks (the Faith of the Wolf), the writer, the citizenship of Brazil – for the book “The Seventh Day”, “Romain-potions” and translations of works of Ukrainian literature in Portuguese;

Sìdaku Vasily Vasilievich, a Masters of Folk art – for a series of wooden sculptures;

Tkach Michael Petrov, film director – for the documentary series “Riddle of Norrylsky Rebellion” (on the resistance of Ukrainian political prisoners in Gulag camps);

Frantiku Valery Aleksandrovich, an artist – for the cycle of painting works “The Rocking bells of the memory”, dedicated to the victims of famines in Ukraine;
Vladimir Yaroslavovych Yakemtsya, I. Yarovku, Yaroslav Myronovich, Bohachu Bohdan Mykhaylyevich, Kapprayu andriyu mirnovyk, Shavali Andrij Mykhailovich, Turyanovya Roman Fedorovych, performers of vocal formation “Pikkardiyska Tertsia” – for concert programs 2003 – 2006 years.

The resolution was accepted unanimously.

Chairman of the Committee: M. Lubkivsky

Announcement for October, 2007
Date Published: 1.10.2007

House of Writers of Ukraine

2вівторок «Young Tuesday». “Commercial” and “eternal” in the literature. Leading Anna Bahanne. Start at 17 o’clock.

Training Studio “Crossroads”. He is leading the Victoria Ostash. Start at 17 o’clock. Presentation of the book by Yuri Rudnytsky «Yesemia Vishnevetskiy: the attempt of rehabilitation». Leading Anna Bahanne. Start at 17 o’clock.

10-Wednesday Club librarians. Mykola Catfish leads. Start at 11 o’clock. Creative Association of satirists and Humorists Ko Nspu. He conducts the mushroom. Start at 17 o’clock. “Plays” of Maurice Mesterlinka in translation of Dmitry Chistyak. They are conducted by Dmytro Cherednychenko and Larysa Kopana. Start at 17 o’clock.

12 Friday
Literary-art evening to 100-anniversary of Vasyl Mykolyka. Conducts Ivan Drach. Start at 16 o’clock.

15 Monday
Meeting of Literary Association “Voskhod” at the Council of Russian literature NSPU. Vasyl ‘ Drobot conducts. Start at 16 o’clock.

Creative Evening Mykhaylo Sydorzhevsky. Presentation of the book “Longing for Freedom”. Conducts Ivan Andrusyak. Start at 18 o’clock.

Creative Association of Adventurous and phantonists. Meet: The new Ukrainian Fantastic magazine. She is reported by Timur Litovchenko. Mykola Slavinsky conducts. Start at 17 o’clock.

17 Wednesday
Studio of Drama Mastery. Vasyl Volvakrochnny conducts. Start at 17 o’clock.

Lecture of literary Association «Radomyn». Conducts Dmitry Cherednichenko. Start at 11 o’clock. Year of Kazakhstan in Ukraine. Presentation of the books of Nursultan Nazarbayeva «The Politics of Peace and harmony» and «Kazakhstan Way». Volodymyr Yavorivsky. beginning at 15.30.

19 Friday
The creative evening of Vasyl Stetfakka (on the other side of the night) Maria Yakubovska (“in the Mirror of the word”, “and you are me – anxiety between the parish”, “Your life’s life I am anxious”) and Oksana Dumanska (“Countess from Kutkora”, “Ivan Tyktor”. Talan and talent, “novels for One Night”). The Honoured Artist of Ukraine Grigoriy Shummeyko takes part in the evening. He leads Mykhailo Slaboshshitsky. Start at 16 o’clock.

Anniversary of the magazine “Renaissance”. Leading Alla Potapova and Viktor Shlapak. Start at 17 o’clock.

Creative Union “Oratania”. Presentation of the book by Oleksiy Sponge and Yuriy Rudenko «Ukrainian Cossack Pedagogy». Serhiy Plchynda leads. Start at 17 o’clock.

Club of singing poetry. They lead Eduard Drach and Nikolai Pidgornyy. Start at 17 o’clock.

25четвер Creative Union publicists. Conducts Mykhailo Sydorzhevsky. Start at 17 o’clock.

Mosaic of Road Encounters
Date Published: 1.10.2007

Trees called “Rebecca”…
Basil Dovlyku…
We do not hurry – circles on water
Swim innately, cleanly, unidly.
And shine the willow of wrinkled water
This incomparable, inimitable miracle.
and flow time, through the heart of time.
And milk from a jug of soul.
and touching the word. The word is the order,
Which I have to swim through a bottomless age.
And whispering, and the legions, and sadness.
And the web of my changing days.
And the snow flies – and as we are sorry,
Because it is cold in cosmic poverty.
To the glass I am cold rain,
And I’m stranded on the salt of the dense epoch.
Who will increase the words of the word – do not forgive,
For I will not forgive this era.

Was the evening. Cold Kiev evening. Thousands or hundreds. When you stay on the emptiness-distance to the train. When all are concerned with the ecumenical ideas and Unhostile deeds. And only two frozen silbles on the white Gillytsy are amazed with the flicker of the first snow and the flare of the solar sadness on the diamond branches. And – Suddenly, through the flicker of snow – someone’s “dobrynin” unexpectedly split snow silence.

I hold an unexpected Ruchenyatko word, as a branch of the dead snow. Generous openness of Vasyl Dovoka’s smile – and conversation, conversation, conversation – in unison wind or the twinkling of the evening lantern. There is an othe prize for the soul – where you can warm up the soul, where you can get drunk tea, where the steps of Valery Herasyasymchuk pass in the silence of the evening staircase.

They settle the incense of pine and thin thread of conversation sparkle with unexpected flickering. Somehow, to memorize this moment and this story by Vasyl Dovhka: About trees near the premises of our Union on the tank, 2; On which the frozen sibles, which planted the light memory of Vladimir Pyatov; And the mysterious name of the tree “Rebecca”, which should be a must remember, because nowhere in Ukraine there are no more such, in the courtyard of our Union; And that Nina Hnatiuk does not respond to mobile phone poguki; And about someone’s literary evening, which took place recently…

We buy a velvet shemashing voice of Basil. Mentally worship the memory of Vladimir Piyanova because I see as his swaying in the beat of the wind of the tree, which were blessed on the world by his palms, as a crewing of the longing branches – because, maybe, it is his ducat, it bursts their wings.

Vasyl Dovyk is a writer who has combined a rare gift of a writer and actor. Artist in the word, spiritual reader of the acting. And then deep, even Praruke, the feeling of sound lives in his speech by a thin membrane.

and unexpectedly, the unknown film chords in the memory, in which an ancient Rusych, podpered edge, in a shirt on the release, drink from a pitcher of dense milk, which runs on his side, the claws of the inguinal pea. Drinks as delicious as I have the current conversation in a great night’s favor.

Two of the sibles are squusing bread crumbs from our palms. The bald, somewhere the bread is and tastier, but no one will give it to such overflowing generosity. Their beak is bitten by my fingers, Frost falls on the hair. Something keeps us near this House with the eloquent name – “Our Union”. Evidently, it is a tree with the eloquent names of “Rebecca”. And the souls of those who are cautious for them.

A kaleidoscope of stories like crispy on the cherries of Shevchenko. Burn and Turbo. Somewhere near Ivan Perepelyak with a great ability to open the people of Apostolic teachings. And for some time it is conceived whether people need this doctrine. And at the biggest moment of doubt: Vasilko Squino shakes his head. Mankind is even more expensive to the great discoveries – as the roads to storms of the May trees.

… Transcarpathian Cognac in amber Keloshky and Zokiv wheels, and somewhere a long-distance treasure of agriculture and a uncle with the legs: “Hatya!” Myself! ”

And it is necessary to drive among the snowy trees, between Siniččinim dzjbonninem, between the treasure of carriages, among the saplings, which are called so rare “re Beck”, among the memory and eternity, between the eternal circular days, among the farewell smile. Vladimir Piaznova and Pečalnim anointed his hands. And you are in between the knock of the rolling wheels, and an indelible desire to stop the instant, which is rapidly flying among the fingers of the spring dzurkopitnyh streams.

And the desire to talk is stronger than a conversation. For the same village uncle with one-the only advice of Gvidkom is in memory. Not from him you, a basil, recreated the color of the swan herd of the immortal Basil Countryman. You are like a long-legged crane, which is a pole near my wagon, covering with their wings.

I’m no longer cold in this permering city. Smells like mint and thyme, and the spirit of pine, I should throw the palms of the tree of Vladimir Piaznova. And yet – Ivan Perepelyak, from which the energetic confidence and young heroism are shaking. Lyboj, Prince Ihor still traveled to the Kharkiv region, as well as a Grijsko Skovoroda to give their immortal rods of sky and stars.

So long ago waiting for me Slobozhanschyna anointed the hands of school mates Lyuba Lemashuk. And her gullible: “Write, when you come, I will meet the exit… The apartment is renovated, waiting for you… ”

And for some reason we are in memory of funeral wreaths: For the first time I see so many people and wreaths, smelling needles, as on the new Year. And my mother holds my palm, and I do not understand why this lyuba cries over the box, the delusional flowers. And I will ring the voice of my mother: “To remembered, as the father of the loved to hide…” I still do not know that the burying can not only half of the sucking candy – “on then”; White-bread marten for the cue and a piece of color fabric for the homemade doll…

The word “hide” now will be a chill for me.

And Lyuba today is so far from me, so alienated. And I am longing for my hand to be frightened by the sparrows. And now to anyone to be blunt. Except for this conversation and to knock the rolling wheels, and to the Siniččinogo of a beggar, and…

“Follow me,” Ivan Mykolaychyk is suddenly out of memory, memory, as the winter trees are in a cold evening. So he called Vasyl Dovekka, and the call is carved into the silence of the winter evening of the stellar glow.

That he put into his own words…-conceived to say Vasylko and Lelewhy is surprised in the scrolls of his memory.

– John I met on the steps of the subway. In a long leather raincoats… He called me, “Follow me…”

Is it difficult to go mykolayychany? Ask the tree with the strange names of “Rebecca”; In the weary cheese, which gratefully tickles my fingers to his beak, in a Basil’s voice, which knows so much about our time and our literature; And even more – feels.

Mariya Yakubovskaya

“And in the shower-spring”
Date Published: 1.10.2007

“And in the shower-spring”

Notes from the Jubilee evening of Oleksa Yushchenko

If it is September, and in the shower-spring, if the street is cloudy and cold, and the heart is sunny and warm, if it is the day off and the TV shows eyes, and in the column Hall of the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine. N. Lysenko has no free space – so you are on the creative evening of a true poet!

This feeling has taken possession, probably, all who came on September 16 to the Philharmonic honor the Patriarch of Ukrainian literature Oleksa Yushchenko, who recently – August 2 – celebrated its 90-year anniversary.

Opening the literary and artistic evening of the poet, Petro Osadchuk read the text of the greeting from the president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, and then said:

– Oleksa Yakovlevich came to his high-collision. He is the author of more than forty poetic books, ten collections of works for children, not one collection of satire and humor. The separate books were published by his songs, sketches, sketches, and memoirs… The writer began printing his compositions back in 1938, i.e. almost 70 years ago. And what are the eloquent names of these books! “To Native land”, “sources”, “Shevchenko goes on the world”, “the mainland Sun”, “confession”, “Word to Friends”, “In My Memory”, “Ukrainian, My Heart”, “Epiphany”, “The Star of Nikolai Khvyhogo”… The beauty of the human soul and native land – that is the beauty of the Multigenre, based on the best traditions of Ukrainian literature by Oleksa Yushchenko, universal creativity, which has always been with the people and served to the Ukrainian people, irrespective of ideological trends and totalitarian regime “on our own – not my land”.

About half a century ago, O. Yushchenko published the book of Selected works with the preface of M. T. Rylsky. The Living Classic has praised the creativity of another young poet, and completed his preface so: In the days of the war, Oleksa a small, full of understandable sadness “the song of Captive”, which begins with the following words:

The sun is hiding, the rays are fading,

The Devil’s clear Nebokray…

On the soul, the stones collapsed,

Goodbye, Ukrainian, farewell.

This verse was transmitted by radio station named.. Shevchenko in Saratov on the occupied territory of Ukraine. Soon it was recorded as a song with folk melody in two variants – in Chernihiv oblast and over a distant Odessa, where the Soviet warriors performed.

When the poet finds himself as a composer, as a people, he can fully consider himself happy.

And that’s really true. The poet can actually consider himself happy. After all, welcomed the parish of Viktor Yushchenko in literature, except for M. Rylsky, p. Tychyna and A. Malyshko, recommendation to the Union of Writers gave him in the distant 1944 year v. Sosyura, and his wonderful songs that sang all the people, Oleksa Yakovlevich wrote with such famous composers As P. Mayboroda, L. Revutsky, A. Kos-Anatolskiy, R. Savitskiy…

Probably, there is something symbolic that on the verge of his high-collision Oleksa Yakovlevich gave a new poetic book “A In the Soul – spring”, while at the beginning of his creative way he had a collection “my Spring”. Thus, the spring of poetry in the Life of O. Yushchenko continues, and it is triumphant by the Ukrainian spirit – the one, “that the body of the rve to fight”, as I. Franko wrote.

The works by Oleksa Yushchenko are highly pocìnovana and in us, and beyond native land. He is a honoured worker of Arts of Ukraine, honoured worker of culture of Belarus, laureate of literary prizes named after Pavlo Tychyna, Mykola Khvyhny, Oleksandra Olesya, Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky… And yet he has the most valuable award for the artist – a popular confession.

The people’s Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Mobrenko, honoured Worker of Culture Vasyl Nevolov, honoured Artist of Ukraine Borys Loboda, honoured Worker of Arts Vasyl Dovutyk, Secretary of the Board of the NSPU Anna Bahanna spoke about it and about much more Writers Dmitriy Mishchenko, Nikolay Som, Volodymyr Mordan, Grigoriy Gayjoy, Antony Tsvit, Mykola Gritsenko, Kobzar Yaroslav Chernoguwith, Mykola Moszyk, Stepan Shcherbak, deputy chairman of Nedrygaylivsky District State Administration Gennadiy Antonenko, head of the District Council Mykola Pivotal, the author of the writer Irina Vesko, Pasha Ivanchenko, Nikolai Porkhonenko, other countrymen who came from the Sumy region to honor the anniversary.

In this really festive evening from the stage of the National Philharmonic sounded songs on words of Oleksa Yushchenko and folk songs, the lines of his deeply lyrical and passionate poems performed by the actors. And as for many years, dressed in the native Ukrainian embroidered shirt, the participants of the present reading of his own works by Oleksa Yakovlevich himself – gray and wise, sincere and kind, tireless and young!

Valeriy Herasymchuk.

Appeal of participants of International literature Forum “Word Without Borders” to President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili
Date Published: 10.10.2007

President of Georgia Mykhailo Saakašvili

Rule of Georgians

We, the participants of the Interdoufolk scribe Forum «The word Without Borders», it is presented to the European Union and the Azeli, vyrazhaem their opzasbochennost in the holy with the situation, Slozzhisheya in the ordination of the scribes, the Georgians.

We read the antivocestvennym Yavlenem, from the time of the world, the law of Ukraine is to attract the democratic censors, the right to abuse the rights of the obchevstvennoj organs, the obedinâûŝej in the ranks of the cvet of the Nazi-based Lyteruurury.

Forcible enthusiasm of the 21 August 2007 года of the Zdanyy soyuzhey Pyateli in Tbylyi can negatively be said on the reputation of Georgians, as a democratic sovereign.

I am ubeszhenya that I like to be in the hand of the subject of the forces in the Georgians and by AE predely, Cotorye not in a concession in the assignment of democratic development.

We are the primarily authorities of the Georgians to return to the face of the Macheleli, 13 in the garden of the ego of the legal power of the river of the Pisateli Georgians. Such solution will be a solution to the Mezhdnodovoyu Interduvolovnoy written obchevstvenstyu.

G. Kisev12 Oktyabrsky 2007 G.

… And they send
Date Published: 11.11.2007

Creative commissions are working at NSPU.

The House of Writers organizes and conducts literary meetings and evenings, presentations of books, conferences, exhibitions and includes various clubs.

The Commission on International Literary Relations supports direct relationships with the world literary and cultural organizations and institutions, meets with foreign writers, conferences; Assists in the work of translators and books of foreign authors.

The Publishing committee makes an expert estimation of the artistic value of the manuscript and cooperates with funds and sponsors that are able to support the publication of the books of famous authors in Ukraine.

The Commission on working with creative youth helps tips young authors, promotes the publication of their works, conducts creative seminars of young writers, contests.

The library has a large book foundation (over 100 000 volumes). The library performs information and bibliographic work, organizes book exhibitions in honor of the outstanding literary events and anniversary dates.

The Literary fund provides financial support and grants the members of the NSPU. His activity aims to create the best conditions for creative work of writers, for their recreation and recreation. The Literary fund holds a clinic and a recreation house for writers in Irpin (near Kyiv), Odessa, Yalta and Koktebel.

The National Union of Writers of Ukraine also has its own publishing house (“Ukrainian writer”) and magazines (“Fatherland”, “Vsesvit”, “Dzvin”, “Donbass” and others), as well as the newspaper (“Literary Ukraine”). New publishing houses (“Granoslov”), new periodicals, in particular in different regions of Ukraine are also created.

Nice news from Macedonia
Date Published: 12.12.2007

“Kalynovyj Grove” of the Rovesnik of independence
Date Published: 13.11.2007

At the initiative of President Viktor Yushchenko 2007 the year commemorating the victims of Holodomor was declared in Ukraine. The terrible tragedy of our people is reflected in creativity of many artists and genetic memory of atrocities awakens in new generations of Ukrainians and sounds in new pieces.

Planted by Viktor Yushchenko and his associates on the slopes of the Dnieper eleven thousand bushes of Viburnum from different parts of our country have not left indifferent poetess Antoninu Ostrolutsk and sixteen-year-old Kyiv composer Vitaly Kyjnytsya, they created Song-Requiem “Kalynovyi Hai”. The presentation of the work was held on November 8, 2007 in Kyiv City Teacher’s house on the creative evening of V. Kiynytsi “The violinist Key of spiritual notes”. On the high note of mastery of this work under the composition of the author performed the Laureate of international contests, associate professor of Bandura Department of National Music Academy Larysa Dedykh.

And they were in a busy hall, as a disclaimer of the cured, the suffering of the word:

“Viburnum blossom

Obscures land

For the paternal grief,

For crying babies,

Viburnum Grove,

Viburnum Grove,

Sufferings of the People

All remind. ”

Vitaly Kiynitsa engaged in a school of six years, now he is the second year student of the Kyiv State Music School. Glier. The young composer cooperates with many Ukrainian poets, he is the author of three hundred songs and romances, more than thirty piano works, the author of 3 musical collections “Thank you, Mom, for Life”, “Oddity”, “aster”.

I dream of issue of printing already written a fourth collection – a collection of romances. After all, as the presenter of the evening Nelya Danilenko, the music circles constantly debate: Is there a modern Ukrainian romance in Ukraine?

V. Kiyytsya together with many Ukrainian poets proves – Ukrainian romance is, develops and has the right to life. As the testimony of this on the creative evening “the violinist Key of spiritual notes” sounded modern Ukrainian romances on the poetry of P. perejonosa, Y. Titova, L. Petrovova, v. Kovtuna, A. Ostrovska, v. Owls, L. Panchenko.

Performed v. Kiynitsa and their preludes and dedicate to his favorite poems by Y. Tikov and V. Kovtunu.

The audience and songs of young Maestro on poems by D. Lutsenko, L. Fedoruk, Y. Titova, L. Petroveva, G. Biletskaya, S. Zhuk, V. Zinchenko were perceived with gratitude.

In “The squeaky key of spiritual notes” sounded and the song “Radio” Culture “, because the creative life of V. Kiynytsi and his recognition began with the 3rd program of Ukrainian Radio-radio” culture “.

That evening his charming voices and sophistication were donated to listeners and spectators of honoured artists of Ukraine Oksana Kalinchuk, Svitlana Myrvoda, Natalia Shelpnytska, laureates of international and all-Ukrainian festivals Larysa Dedyh, Markiyan Svyato, Iryna Persanova, Sergei Dyachenko, Lidiya Maksymiak, Karina Karaseva, Alexander Quick, Timothy Mirvoda, Viktoriya Rozhkovskaya, Julia Levchenko.

The evening was held due to the support of Kyiv City teachers ‘ house, Women’s Union of Kyiv, Creative Association “Photography”, national Radio Company of Ukraine.

After his first creative evening, Vitaly Kiynitsa gave an interview to foreign journalists. Such interest of his work is not accidental, because, having a talent, V. Kiyytsya together with his collaborators calls all Ukrainians, all people of good will:

“Let’s unite, people
Good name,
To the memory of the People
We lived with us.
Viburnum Grove,
Viburnum Grove,
From the pain of the Vcountry
Protect the canopy. ”
Yaroslav Lashidna

These are the wardens
Date Published: 13.11.2007

The Cabinet of Ministers has marked the 90 anniversary of the Petrogradsky coup by adopting a resolution № 975-P of November 8, 2007 this landmark document chief feeder of freedom of speech on radio, television and in the press, head of the state radio and television E. Prutnik Appointed the head of the public organization-the supervisory Board of the national Radio of Ukraine. And the deputy Chairman of the Council, he chose… The deputy on the State Committee of O. Kurdinovich. And that’s not all, gentlemen with national radio. Moreover, the Secretary of the Supervisory board-“Svoshe” should not be.. N. Dniprenko – Deputy Director of Department of Communications of Power and public secretariat of Cabinet. And this is still E. Prusin little to strengthen the freedom of speech on national radio. The supervisory board will also be a counselor from the Committee of I. Chabana. So we have the wardens over freedom of speech on the national radio: out of eight members of the Council-four government officials led by E. Prutnik.

Volodymyr Yavorivsky

Author Volodymyr Yavorivsky

November 2007
Date Published: 13.11.2007


8Thursday «Young Tuesday». Group: Children’s books or books for children Leading Anna Bahanne. Start at 17 o’clock.

Presentation of anthology of works by Transcarpathian writers “denim generation”. There are Sergey Fedakka, Mykhailo Roshko and Vasyl Kuzan. Start at 16 o’clock.

12Monday Literary evening Lesya Kovalchuk «Icon of time». He leads Olesya Mudrak. Start at 17 o’clock.


13Tuesday of the studio “Crossroads”. He is leading the Victoria Ostash. Start at 17 o’clock.

Creative Union “Oratania”. «Language question – as a mirror of Ukrainian politics». He is the head of the International Public organization «Congress of Protection of the Ukrainian language» Valentyna Strilko. Serhiy Plchynda leads. Start at 17 o’clock.


14Wednesday is a club of librarians. Vasyl Domanetsky: To 100 Anniversary of the full edition of «Kobzar». Reports Mykhailo Nayenko. Mykola Catfish leads. Art groups of Cherkassy region take part. Start at 15 o’clock.

Creative Association of satirists and Humorists Ko Nspu. He conducts the mushroom. Start at 17 o’clock.


15Thursday of the literary association “Radomyn”. Conducts Dmitry Cherednichenko. Start at 11 o’clock.

Presentation of Almanac «Kalynovo Heart». Viktor Teryer reports. Mykola Slavinsky conducts. Start at 17 o’clock.


16Friday Creative Association of Translators. Hryhoriy Kochur – Interpreter and editor of the modern French poetry anthology. Conducts Vsevolod Tkachenko. Start at 17 o’clock.

Studio of Drama Mastery. Discussion of creative works of playwright Nikolay Rudnytsky (Rivne). Vasyl Volvakrochnny conducts. Start at 17 o’clock.

19Monday meeting of the Literary association “Voskhod” at the Council of Russian literature NSPU. Vasyl ‘ Drobot conducts. Start at 16 o’clock.

Memorial evening of Andriy Mystkivsky. Leads Victor Baranov. Start at 17 o’clock.

20Tuesday «Radomynski Readings». Yuriy Ryust, Petro Zassenko and Dmitry Cherednychenko are their compositions. Conducts Lidiya Novikov. Start at 17 o’clock in 30 minutes.

21Wednesday Women’s Center “heritage” is carrying out a presentation of the book “History of One Photo” (organized by Galyna Dashsyuk). Mykola Tymozyk conducts. Start at 17 o’clock.

“Round Table” on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of Ivan Kosetlivsya’s birth. conducted jointly by the National Association of Writers of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian society “Prosvita” them. Taras Shevchenko. Start at 14 o’clock.

23Friday evening of memory of Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine named after T. G. Shevchenko, National Artist of Ukraine Mikhail Tkach (to 75 anniversary of birth). Vasyl Volvakrochnny conducts. Start at 17 o’clock.

26Monday Creative Association of Children’s writers. Leads Anatoly Kachan. Start at 17 o’clock.

28Wednesday Club is a singing poetry. They lead Eduard Drach and Nikolai Pidgornyy. Start at 17 o’clock.


29Thursday Creative union publicists. Conducts Mykhailo Sydorzhevsky. Start at 17 o’clock.

Literary Club Lik. Results of the literary contest “channel”. Speeches of the laureates. Leading Alla Potapova. Start at 17 o’clock.

30Friday Creative evening Tatiana Petrovskaya. Leads Anatoly Hai. Start at 17 o’clock.

Secretariat of the NSPU and the House of Writers of Ukraine

Happy Birthday

Boyarchuk Dmitry Ivanovich 1 November 65

Stolbina Oleksiy Petrovich November 3, 85

Dmitry Yusypa 4 November 65

Grahynsky Victor Nikanorovich November 7, 65

Demchenko Vitaly Grigorevich November 7, 70

Vitaliy Berezinsky November 8, 70

Volodymyr Chubenka 12 November 80

Mykola Maksimovich Ìllâša November 12, 65

Rybku Mikhail Grigorevich November 21, 65

Cymbaliuk Grigoriy Mykolayovich November 23, 50

Klymchuk Oleksandra Aleksandrovich November 26, 65

Prosilovych Vladimir Pavlovovych 28 November 70

Dubai Mykola Vasilievich November 30, 75

Mottrich Catherine Vakulenko November 30, 60

К a l e n a r A and P L a h

House of Writers of Ukraine

On November 2007,

Inquiries by phone:

House of Writers – 253-54-44

The next in the lobby – 253-64-95

(2, Bankova St., Kyiv, 01024, Ukraine)

Fax (044) 253-45-86

Chairman of the NSPU-253-45-86


The Cabinet of the young author – 253-64-36

Kyiv NGO NSPU – 253-10-56

The NSPU Personnel Department – 253-94-86

NSPU Library-253-84-12

Literary Fund NSPU-

(01010, Kyiv, 3, Suvorov str.).

Director – 280-75-26

Outpatient Clinic of the NSPU

(01034, Kyiv, Reytarska str., 15).

Registrar – 234-51-96

Publishing house “NSPU”

“Ukrainian Writer” –

01054, Vul. O. Honchar, 52.

Director – 486-25-92.

Agreement on Formation of the International Association of Literary Unions “word Without Borders”
Date Published: 15.10.2007


On the formation of the International Association

Literary unions “word Without Borders”

Heads of writing organizations-participants of the International Literature Forum “Word Without Borders” (October 11-13, 2007, Kyiv, Ukraine), hereinafter-the Parties, guided by the Statute of the Organization of the United Nations on education, Science and culture ( UNESCO) that the world, which is based only on economic and political arrangements of Governments, will not be able to conquer unanimous, strong and sincere support of the people; It should be based on the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind,

By examining multilateral and bilateral cultural cooperation as an effective means of fostering peace and understanding among nations,

Realizing the importance of such cooperation to educate young people in the spirit of mutual trust, respect and tolerance, noting the special role of international creative contacts for development and enrichment of national literatures, agreed on:

Article 1

The Parties form the International Association of Literary Unions “Word Without Borders” (hereinafter-the association) as a mechanism of interaction on all issues of cooperation, which constitute mutual interest.

The association is not a supranational structure and does not exercise political activity, reserves the right to disclose appeals and statements concerning the activities of the association members, as well as the development of national languages and literatures.

Article 2

A member of the association can be a national creative public organization, which is a part of the development of writers and/or translators, populalizes literary achievements, promotes national culture and conducts international activities in the sphere of culture.

Article 3

The main objectives of the Association are:

-Facilitating the development of international cooperation in the interests of mutually enriching national literatures;
-Exchange of experience in the field of book publishing;
-Popularization of research on history and theory of literature;
-Maintaining personal creative contacts between writers of different countries.

Article 4

Based on the goals, the parties will develop and encourage various forms of cooperation, including:

-Conducting of writing conferences, seminars, meetings of translators, joint creative evenings, other cultural and artistic events;

-issue of exchange numbers and separate publications in literary journals of the parties;

-Realization of literary research in order to popularize cultural heritage and modern literary process in the States of the Parties;

-Publication of the annual Almanac;

-Total commemoration of the memory? Date, related to the life and creativity of the prominent writers of the states of the Parties;

-Organization of holiday writers in the homes of creativity of the parties.

Article 5

The parties will especially encourage exchanges and joint literary and artistic actions of creative youth, as well as joint literary research and activities of translators.

Article 6

The Parties will exchange information on new editions, as well as on issues related to copyright and intellectual property protection.

Article 7

Financial conditions for the implementation of joint events and projects, which are carried out under the auspices of the Association, will be defined additionally in each individual case.

In this case all joint actions are carried out in the format of interested parties.

Any Party may refuse to participate in a certain event or project that is not an obstacle for other parties to participate in it.

Article 8

The supreme body of the association is the Council consisting of the leaders of the writing organizations belonging to the association.

The Chairman of the Board is elected by a number of board members for one year.

The board meetings take place on a regular basis once a year, usually on the territory of a country whose representative presides over the association.

An extraordinary meeting of the Council may take place on the initiative of one or more members of the Council, if such initiative is supported by at least half of the board members

In the meetings of the Council and activities of the Association on the unanimous consent of the parties can participate as observers by representatives of international organizations and national writing organizations, which are not members of the association.

Article 9

Association Council:

-Determines the priorities and main directions of the association’s activity and approves the relevant decisions;
-considers interaction issues with other international organizations;Adopts decisions on acceptance to the Association of new members;
-Accepts appeals and statements on behalf of the association.

Article 10

Decisions of the Council on questions concerning the association’s activities, as well as appeals and statements on behalf of the Association shall be accepted only by consensus taking into account the provisions of article 7 of this Agreement and take effect from the moment of their approval unless otherwise stipulated by the

Article 11

In order to better communicate the parties within the association, to prepare meetings of the Association Council and to ensure the implementation of its decisions the Council of Coordinators is formed.

The coordinators are appointed by the board members-one of each side.

Meetings of the Council of coordinators take place as necessary, at least twice a year.

Chairman of the Board of Coordinators, a representative of the party who presides at the Council of the Association.

The financial expenditures of the Association board meetings and the Council of coordinators, as a rule, assume the party that accepts.

Article 12

Organizational and technical support of meetings of the Association Council and the Council of Coordinators carries the party accepting.

The current work on ensuring the association’s activities on a permanent basis is carried out by the secretariat, whose functions are performed by the National Union of Writers of Ukraine involving, if necessary, representatives of other parties.

The secretariat prepares and submits to the board annual reports on the association’s activities.

Article 13

Draft documents can be made for consideration by the Council of the Association by any party or board of coordinators through the Secretariat, which sends the specified projects to the Council members and, if necessary, organizes their approval.

Article 14

The decision of the Council of the Association can be formed by permanent and temporary, as well as the board of coordinators-temporary commissions and working groups, and meet representatives of the parties on individual cooperation issues.

Article 15

The association is open for joining with other national creative public organizations that meet the requirements of article 2.

Counteraction to the Association of National Writing organization of any country for political reasons is not allowed.

The decision to adopt the Association of new members is approved by the Association Council on the basis of an official appeal.

Article 16

Each party has the right to withdraw from the association, officially warned about it not later than 6 months before the date of release, and vregulûvavši all financial and other commitments? related to the implementation of joint activities and projects.

The decision to dissolve the association may be approved by the Council of the Association with regard to the provisions of article 10 of the Agreement.

Article 17

The agreement with the consent of the parties on the basis of consensus may be amended and amended by separate protocols that are of its non-negative.

Article 18

This Agreement shall be effective from the date of its signature indefinitely.

It was carried out in the city of Kyiv on October, 12, 2007 in one instance in Ukrainian, English and Russian, and all texts are authentic. The signed copy is stored in the Association secretariat, which sends the parties that signed this Agreement and its certified copy.

In Kiev

October 12, 2007

Azerbaijan-Anar Rzaev

Armenia-Felix Bakhchisaray

Belarus-Alys Pashkevych

Bulgaria-Dymitar Chernyaev-Khrybov

Georgia-Makwala Gonashvili

Israel-Shammai Golan

Latvia-Yuri Sadovskiy

Slovakia – Ivan Yatskanin (Union of Ukrainian Writers of Slovakia)

Slovenia-Sasha Joanovich

Ukraine-Volodymyr Yavorivsky

Who realizes the appeal does not walk on the lawns of the human soul?
Date Published: 23.10.2007


Who realizes the appeal does not walk on the lawns of the human soul?

The problems of modern literary critics have become the subject of discussion at the roundtable held in the Lviv organization of the National Writers ‘ Union of Ukraine. The presenters of this roundtable were the writers Mykhailo Slaboshshatsky and Lyubomyr Senyk.

Senyk Lyubomyr, professor of Lviv National University, writer. Modern literary criticism as no literary process. Even the magazine “criticism” does not deny this thesis. Although this magazine often placed anti-Ukrainian materials that humiliate the phenomenon of the Ukrainian people, the painful standards of thinking are imposed. Recently appeared an article that redraws the famous work of our writing “The Word about the regiment of Igor”…

The doctor’s thesis was held for the teacher of Drogobych Pedagogical University Petro Ivanishina. Polemics over this protection came out outside the academic walls of universities. A young man is entitled to his opinion and has the right to defend it.

For literary discussion is not provided by the corresponding literary platform, does not work a modern critical shop, which would have to keep his hand on the pulse of the literary process.

We have to talk about traditions of literary criticism, its tasks. Because writers do not raise-they are born. Critics-this is a battle post, a constant link from the writer to the reader. The critic must have a good and thorough education to be able to analyze the literary phenomenon properly. And at the present time there are actual aesthetic fundamentals of Ivan Franko Literary-critical activity.
The criticism disappeared, because there was a scrapping in the modern life, in public thinking. Critics asks, “What will I Be?”, and the authorities are not interested in our spiritual life. We must form new public thinking-so this great responsibility is now on our Union as a forpost of our national life.

Maria Lyuznyak. Literary criticism-it is materialized human opinion, which should give the answer to many questions, deeply penetrate the psychology of literary creativity; Investigate how the creative activity and the reader are affected, and on the writer himself. The laws of Christianity argue that the problem of human problems is in the human itself. At the present time the system of education, which could contribute to the formation of the reader, which is so necessary for full-blooded functioning of the literary process.

The soul of Modern man becomes a deaf. Why is criticism about this? WHO implements the call “do not go on the lawns of the human soul”?

Ruslan Shchplakkevych.

Solving the problems of modern literary criticism will be decided when the conceptual question of presentation of modern State spiritual policy is solved. The Ibno OEMs form the modern ideology of Ukrainian society. At present the philosophical basis of the Ukrainian state is not formed, modern philosophers do not have new ideas. The world is psychoidentified, we need to learn how to combine local and global factors. I see a perspective on the philosophy of Ukrainian solidarism. These thoughts are outlined by me in labor. ”

The criticism is not for the fact that a rat put literature in a scrolling bed, but to the literary, and thus the world has evolved into good.

Vasyl Stetfakk.

The state does not care neither for literature nor for criticism. International institutions are pressuring our minds. The omnisality is anarchy, not democracy. We must be attentive to be able to separate the grain from the chaff. In addition, we should lead people.

Recently visited Volhynia. Students ask questions in which the subtexts already planted ironic attitude to the life of writers, in particular to Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Franko… There are known shameful publications, which are written by skilful hand and are called to shoot people from the umbilical cord.

Victor Vinsky.

No criticism is possible if there is a literary process.

In due time there was an official critique that was paid from the party cash department. I do not think that it was better writers or people. We only depend on what modern criticism will be.

I would like to draw our attention to the issues of modernization of modern criticism. Is it necessary to be an academic genre? Promising I am given a critique in the form of essays, which combines both art and science, and even the organization of literary process.

Oleksa Riznikov.

In my time I had been linking to Mordovia for a postcard. The present time is characterized by freedom of speech and freedom of thought, which still requires state material support, as well as literary criticism.

Oles Dudyn.

Now the concept of beauty is deformed. Critics have to protect the beautiful, because talent is God’s gift.

Mikhail Slaboshshatsky

Summing up the conversation, he made a thorough analysis of interpretation of literary criticism as a philosophical, psychological, sociological and culturological process. He focused on his views on the literary criticism of the researchers-literary scientists of Bryukhovetsky, Lyhacheva, Hrabimovich, Estonians Yana Krosa and others. appealed to the creative heritage of Franco, Francis, Flaubert-in light of the analyzed problem.

Mikhail Slaboshshatsky stopped on the tendencies of modern literary criticism. He emphasized that the literary field of critics narrows, regulates the field of frankness, there is no resonant publication, there is a belated admiration of postmodernism… The writer agreed with Lyubomyr Senikom that there is no modern literary criticism. He emphasized that the perfect critic is literature, a message to posterity, a letter to the question… Modern literary criticism bears the current of the present.

Prepared-Maria Yakubovskaya

About the situation around the Ukrainian writer’s publishing house
Date Published: 7.7.2007

Since the appointment of a. Savchuk, the director of the Ukrainian writer publishing house was hoped that with the advent of the new kermanych the favourable conditions for development of the publishing House of Ukrainian writers will be created. However, the expectations were not justified.

A. Savchuk has been admitted to work as director of the publishing union of the Ukrainian Writer’s Association on January 15, 2004, on the terms defined by the contract. That is, conditions of remuneration and work term are determined in accordance with the concluded employment agreement (contract). In accordance with art. 24 The Labor Code of Ukraine, the contract may be concluded only in writing, that is, the contract may not be issued only by the publication of the Order of hiring. To conclude a contract it is necessary that the parties have signed the document under the following heading.

On April 17, 2007, the Presidium of the NSPU approved a contract to manage the publishing house of the National Writers ‘ Union of Ukraine “Ukrainian writer” and determined the procedure of his (contract) conclusion, that Savchuk warned on April 17, 2007.

A. Savchuk refused to conclude the contract, that is, refused to continue work, in connection with the dissent to work on the conditions of the contract, which was noted in the text of the Protocol of intentions dated May 8, 2007. According to the explanations of the plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine on the practice of Court of Labor disputes P. 9 of 06.11.92, “refusal of the employee to conclude a contract can be grounds for termination of the employment contract under article 6. 36 kznp… ”

In connection with the refusal of a. Savchuk from the continuation of work, and not working on the conditions of contract, the Presidium of the NSPU at his meeting on June 5, 2007 was: of the year to stop under paragraph 6 of article 36 of the action of the labor contract concluded 15.01.2004 R. Between a. Savchuk and the National Union of Writers of Ukraine.

2. To release Savchuk Andriy Aleksandrovich from the position of Director of the National Association of Writers of Ukraine “Ukrainian writer” 11.06.2007 R. For refusal from continuation of work, in connection with dissent work on conditions of contract (paragraph 6, 36 KZNP).

Press-center of the NSPU

30 000 UAH for the best work of the Year
Date Published: 7.7.2007

Polonyniabout Literary Prize of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine and the fund Ernest Guluk (Australia)

The National Union of Writers of Ukraine and Ernest Gulik Foundation is based on a literary prize called to attract broad attention of the public and mass media to the most talented works of modern national literature, to promote Popularization and improvement of the authority and prestige of the highly gifted masters of the word.

The NSPU Prize is awarded to the authors for the highly artistic works (prose, poetry, current affairs, critics), published during the year and became bright, distinctive and resonant phenomena of our literature. The prize is awarded annually to one author, and in case of the appearance of exceptionally original works-no more than two. In the absence of a decent candidate for a particular year, the prize may not be awarded at all. Award winners will determine the committee of 13 people from the number of renowned and reputable writers, critics, and publishers of Ukraine each year. The Committee’s decisions are approved by the NSPU Presidium. The definition of the laureate will take place on the eve of Shevchenko’s holiday “in the family of the holy, new”, and awarding the prize-May 22 in the city of Ukraine, where the memory of Kobzar is honored.

Creative unions, public organizations, publishing houses, mass media literature, or committee members (not less than three) are able to draw up the works on receiving awards. I am nominated for this award during January-February following last year. In March of the month the committee publishes nominees, after which their works are discussed in mass media, on internet forums and various presentation events.

The prize is not awarded to the posthumous, it is not crowned by the laureates of the National Prize named. Taras Shevchenko, each writer can get it only once. The award prize is given to the diploma-Certificate, badge, as well as a monetary reward in the amount of 30 000 UAH (this amount of year can rise in a year).

Committee on Literature Award of the Nputin Foundation and Nataliya Guluk

The Committee is a completely independent expert body, which is not subordinated to anyone, including the leadership of the NSPU (approval of its decisions by Presidium of the NSPU provides only supervision of the provision on the prize and distribution of funds). This body may not include members of the Committee on the National Prize. T. G. Shevchenko.

The Committee is headed by the Chairman, elected by most members, as his deputy. Chairman and his deputy organize the work of this collegiate body, convene meetings, sign the protocols of the Committee’s decisions. Clerical work is conducted by the committee secretary.

The Committee shall be obliged to keep track of the most noticeable phenomena of the national literary process every year (if necessary-with involvement of experts), take talented works for consideration, analyze them and make weighed Professional conclusions. The identification of laureates is conducted after the debate in one round by secret ballot. The Committee’s meeting is considered to be valid for the presence of two thirds of its members. The prize winner becomes a writer who scored the highest number of votes during the vote. A member of the Committee shall also have the right to pay for this prize, but in this case he will stop his work in the Committee on the eve of the nominees ‘ determination and until the winner of the year’s announcement.

Objectivity, exceptional honesty and professional integrity of the Committee members must provide the newly created award with the highest prestige in literary and artistic circles and among the cultural community of Ukraine.

Committee’s composition

1. Anatoly Dimazov

2. Leonid Talalay

3. Volodymyr Yavorivsky

4. Volodymyr Bazylevskyi

5. Anatoly Kychynskyi

6. Dmitry Kremin

7. Oles Ulyanenko

8. Lyubov Golta

9. Michael Brynyh

10. Volodymyr Panchenko

11. Nataliya Kot (fund manager)

12. Galina Tarasiuk

13. Vasyl Shklyar

Approved by the NSPU Council on April 18, 2007.

The Committee on the Literary Award appeals to all writers, journalists and readers of unian-culture with the request to offer the original name of the newly created award. This should be one (in extreme cases two) a well-tagged and symbolic word that will become a literary brand for many years. The author of the most successful name awaits not only the glory, but also the reward.

Please, send your suggestions to:

Committee on Literary Prize NSPU and the Fund E. Gulyk, Bankova, 2, NSPU, Kyiv, 01601;

Decree of the President of Ukraine on celebrating state
Date Published: 7.7.2007

1. Awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the 5th degree – Petro Perejannis – writer, Kyiv.

2. Awarded the Order “for merit” II degree-Shevchenko Anatoly Yakovlevich-writer, Kyiv.

3. Awarded the Order “for merit” III degree – Kravchenko Anatoly Ivanovych – writer, Donetsk.

4. The title of “honoured Worker of Arts of Ukraine” – Pukika Stepanu Grigorevich – Professor of Carpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk, People’s deputy of Ukraine and convocation, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, was assigned.

Yevhen Popovych has departed to Eternity
Date Published: 7.7.2007

Yevhen Popovych was in eternity. It underwent a large, irreparable loss not only for translation, but also the whole national culture.

Yevhen Oksenovych Popovych was born on June 25, 1930 in the village of Mezhyrich Kaniv District in Cherkassy region. Graduated from Romano-Germanic department of Kyiv University. T. Shevchenko. Later devoted himself to work in the field of literary and artistic translation. In his brilliant linguistic-stylistic interpretation of the Ukrainian reader came the works of prominent German writers G. Boblya, е. M. Reparca, G. E. Lessinha, T. Mann, G. Hesse, Y. Roth, M. Frisha, J. Mosdorff, M. Walter, V. Geta, G. Heyn, Austrian and Swiss novelist, the work of the famous Austrian philosopher L. Witgentstein, written in German “diaries” by Olga Kobylyanska.

E. Popovych was one of the founders and active practitioners of the Ukrainian Translation school, which was formed in 60-70 years and symbolized the challenge of the advanced national intelligentsia of the then totalitarian system. He was the Knight and Warrior of the spirit of Unroots, the intellectual of the European level, the man of high nobility, the interpreter of the longest perfection, and first of all — a great and real Ukrainian. He is uncompromising in defending his own vital position and national spiritual ideals, E. Popovych was a vivid example for many friends, colleagues in Peru, all honest and respectable people who knew him and revere.

Passed to another dimension of the long-suffering soul of a great servant of native culture. It remains for the descendants of the diaspora, which is in the word.

The light memory of Eugene POPOPOVHA remains with us forever.

National Writers ‘ Union of Ukraine

Kyiv NSPU Organization

Remembrance days
Date Published: 7.7.2007

(to 70 anniversary of poet’s death) to Bogdan-Igor Antonychu-70 years from the day of death

Do not burn, will, Lord, fire

Slaves of the dumb that the freaks were corrected.

And you are not angry, clean, for fire,

The fire is prophetic shine our wings.

Antonych on the righteous wing

The same as “one hundred Nuns of insanity.”

And pray, by the Almighty on Earth,

On that land the spring hangover.

Coming off purely honey and Zeit,

Praying to the sun by the Zoryam.

A cerknus Antonich we all wing,

And the warmth of him will be between the stars.

You, Lord, all bless.

The best in your lady Ramena,

To dull the glare of grass,

In order to pray to the zorpits.

Maria Yakubovska,

The twentieth century for Ukrainian literature began rozkvìtom high poetic art. The solar sparks of Pavlo Tychyna erupted, composed the exquisite classic form of Maksym Rylsky, combined the strength and power of Stilsa and Stivius Yevhen Malaniuk, and he was an emotionally responsible world of his poetic laws, Olena Telliga, and was a talented scientific work with The artistic creativity and struggle of Oleh Olzhych, mysteriously pierced in the bowels of the poetic world, Mikhail Semenko, marveled at the work capacity of Valeryan Polischuk, after late, nineteen, flew into the extraterrestrial worlds with his “singing” by Vasyl Chumak…

The century promised to be energetically rich – Ukrainian was to become a very special prosperity, âviti the world its unfathomable soul, vyhotite on the millennial Winds of History, sung by Kupalym songs, Vičaklovanu Christmas and Easter Updating. Ukraine has to bring the world joy of the great spiritual fly. The forerunner of this oblivion was Pavlo Tychyna – the cosmic laws of existence with the full extent reflected in his poetic world. To know the sunny clarettes of World Harmony – to understand the beauty of the world and to promote the penetration of this harmony into the human world. These aesthetic laws of existence of creativity are reflected in his poetry, where the role of subconscious meets the high essence of creativity as a divine event. “Not Zeus, not the Lord, not the dove-Spirit – Only sunny clarettes…”

At the dawn of that time no one knew what test would go to our people – as if the Ukrainian land and Ukrainian literature appeared before the Satanic Test.

Why is our literature experienced such devastating influence of Satanic power, and our people are so martyred? The founders of the spiritual World became the first under the Satanic Force. They were exterminate, shot, cut their souls, deprived elementary rights to creativity as self-expression of personality. The Apocalypse of Time, a genius stipulated by the lion in the “Forest Song” – The Tweed is not just artistic, but a philosophical, which simply involves the bloody course of the twentieth century on the Ukrainian land. And how much had to wait for time, until the place of the burnt house, in the snow, new sprouts grow. Sixtiers…

Bogdan-Igor Antonych in poetic space is the most close to the work of Pavlo Tychyna. The same explosive emotionality, such mysticism of foresight, sun-shine joy and grandeur of the great ecumenical joy. And even in the personal nature of the same affinity – the fullness of music, perfect possession of several musical instruments, high intellectuals. Both are coming out of the high-spiritual Ukrainian priestly families. Pavlo Tychyna’s Rod is from the famous Polubotka dynasty.

Even in the intimate life of these writers there was something common – finding a high feminine ideal, striving to find it and some unexpected fear of a particular woman. The lone did not leave the heirs, although Antonich lived short, as a flash, twenty-eight years of life, and Pavlo Grigorovich is long and measured as a wave of a wide river. Even glasses on the nose in the youth sat somehow equally – as if two butterflies. Melodies of life and melodies of their creativity are intertwined.

Children (and therefore such candor and sincere) confession of life is reflected in poetic thinking, where you see yourself as a separate substance of the great world. “Grows antonich and grows grass…” So only a child sees himself next to the grass, a rock, a tree… And it may, however, be a crearites of this world, when he is a brother of the spirit, the spirit of a stone of eternal revolt – the rebellion which carries atonement.

And always present a world of tales, where “Scarlet and maple Silver”, where “pour the day to the valley, as fresh milk to the bowls”, and “cows pray to the sun, that the flame rises to the poppy” and “thin poplar thinner and thinner, as the tree became a bird”… These poetic reminiscences of Bogdan-Igor Antonich are filled with eternal light and divine radiance of being. So much nutritious joy in poetic collections of “Life Greeting” (1931), “Three Feathered” (1934), “Book Of Lion” (1936), “Green Gospel” (1938), “Rotations” (1938), “Great harmony”. The last poetic book has already appeared on the death of the poet.

Nikolai Il’nytsky, one of the first literary critics, who appealed to the poetic heritage of Bogdan-Igor Antonych and wrote about him a book, characterised by the creative world of the writer, stressed: “Rapid, full of internal tension, development The talent of the poet, who passed to the praise of the “green Gospel of Nature, to” the indestruction of matter. ” Dmitry Pavlychko in the period of Khrushchev’s thaw blessed in the way of life the poetic Book of Bogdan-Igor Antonych with his preface.

I searched the tomb of poet at Yaniv Cemetery in Lviv, a couple of games and Irina Kalinyntsi. The author of the Tombstone Monument became an outstanding artist Teodozia Bryzh. She is the author of the monument on the tomb of Iryna Vilde, at the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv. Now the monument is destroyed – a squallic cross, which rises on the stone breezes.

… That July day a few people passed on the agreed young young man. Who loved life and art, the beauty of art was in life, and the beauty of life played in Word and music. He lived a young man in his aunt. Surgery on appendicitis was already at home, healed, and was cold. And God took him into his embrace, in extraterrestrial worlds. He seemed to have preceded his demise, because he wrote about the way. Which leads for heaven and by which he will have to fly. High Estot poetic word. Sometimes it is thought that the fate took him in his bloom to protect his soul from the Bolshevik Madness, which was already approached by the predatory birds of the bird.

This Bogdan-Igor Antonych has painted himself in an unexpected metaphorical image. “was crispy and lived once on the cherries, on the cherries of those who glorified Shevchenko”, declaring allegiance to the high aesthetics of the Shevchenko word. He includes poetic self-characteristics: “I’m all drunk with the sun in my pocket.” “I am in love with the life of the Gentiles.” “I am a sleepy life sold for a hundred of nuns madness, captured by Pagans always the poet Spring hangover.” The writer created the Green Gospel of the high spirit of Ukraine.

The tomb of Bogdan-Igor Antonych is very close to the graves of Sichovyh riflemen – they were spiritual counterparts.

Every year, on the birthday of the poet, 5 October, and on the days of his departure in distant Worlds, on 6 July, near the tomb of the writer gather people to honor the memory of a great poet.

… This year – the seventies anniversary of his departure to eternity. Rain poured like a bucket. Under the slopes of the umbrellas – writers Roman Lubkivsky, Ihor Kalinets, Mariya Yakubovska, Yaroslav Kametskiy, artists Lesia and Yevhen Beznitky, photo artist Vasyl Pylypiuk, director of the “Kamenyar” publishing house Dmytro Sapaga, educator-scientist Myroslava Zvarych, “Lemkivschyna” choir (head – Maria) and others. The service sends the abbot of the Church of St. Josaphat father Peter.

It is under the thick inguinal rain – as if under the all-clean fire. Pray for the soul of the poet and for the high unity of Ukraine on the territory of all-human ways.

In folk terms, sprinkled with heavenly grace, are beautiful girls-chorists-brought in his song to his tomb of breath of native Lemkivshchyna. Fall through the rose blossom words of revelations. The community is charmed, elevated to one high spirit. We know that the soul of Antonich is over us with wings of Heavenly angel, exceeding our hearts.

Mariya Yakubovskaya


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