A in the Shower-Spring

1.10.2007 “A in the shower-spring”
“And in the shower-spring”

Notes from the Jubilee evening of Oleksa Yushchenko

If it is September, and in the shower-spring, if the street is cloudy and cold, and the heart is sunny and warm, if it is the day off and the TV shows eyes, and in the column Hall of the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine. N. Lysenko has no free space – so you are on the creative evening of a true poet!

This feeling has taken possession, probably, all who came on September 16 to the Philharmonic honor the Patriarch of Ukrainian literature Oleksa Yushchenko, who recently – August 2 – celebrated its 90-year anniversary.

Opening the literary and artistic evening of the poet, Petro Osadchuk read the text of the greeting from the president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, and then said:

– Oleksa Yakovlevich came to his high-collision. He is the author of more than forty poetic books, ten collections of works for children, not one collection of satire and humor. The separate books were published by his songs, sketches, sketches, and memoirs… The writer began printing his compositions back in 1938, i.e. almost 70 years ago. And what are the eloquent names of these books! “To Native land”, “sources”, “Shevchenko goes on the world”, “the mainland Sun”, “confession”, “Word to Friends”, “In My Memory”, “Ukrainian, My Heart”, “Epiphany”, “The Star of Nikolai Khvyhogo”… The beauty of the human soul and native land – that is the beauty of the Multigenre, based on the best traditions of Ukrainian literature by Oleksa Yushchenko, universal creativity, which has always been with the people and served to the Ukrainian people, irrespective of ideological trends And the totalitarian regime «on our – not their land».

About half a century ago, O. Yushchenko published the book of Selected works with the preface of M. T. Rylsky. The Living Classic has praised the creativity of another young poet, and completed his preface so: In the days of the war, Oleksa a small, full of understandable sadness “the song of Captive”, which begins with the following words:

The sun is hiding, the rays are fading,

The Devil’s clear Nebokray…

On the soul, the stones collapsed,

Goodbye, Ukrainian, farewell.

This verse was transmitted by radio station named.. Shevchenko in Saratov on the occupied territory of Ukraine. Soon it was recorded as a song with folk melody in two variants – in Chernihiv oblast and over a distant Odessa, where the Soviet warriors performed.

When the poet finds himself as a composer, as a people, he can fully consider himself happy.

And that’s really true. The poet can actually consider himself happy. After all, welcomed the parish of Viktor Yushchenko in literature, except for M. Rylsky, p. Tychyna and A. Malyshko, recommendation to the Union of Writers gave him in the distant 1944 year v. Sosyura, and his wonderful songs that sang all the people, Oleksa Yakovlevich wrote with such famous composers As P. Mayboroda, L. Revutsky, A. Kos-Anatolskiy, R. Savitskiy…

Probably, there is something symbolic that on the verge of his high-collision Oleksa Yakovlevich gave a new poetic book “A In the Soul – spring”, while at the beginning of his creative way he had a collection “my Spring”. Thus, the spring of poetry in the Life of O. Yushchenko continues, and it is triumphant by the Ukrainian spirit – the one, “that the body of the rve to fight”, as I. Franko wrote.

The works by Oleksa Yushchenko are highly pocìnovana and in us, and beyond native land. He is a honoured worker of Arts of Ukraine, honoured worker of culture of Belarus, laureate of literary prizes named after Pavlo Tychyna, Mykola Khvyhny, Oleksandra Olesya, Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky… And yet he has the most valuable award for the artist – a popular confession.

The people’s Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Mobrenko, honoured Worker of Culture Vasyl Nevolov, honoured Artist of Ukraine Borys Loboda, honoured Worker of Arts Vasyl Dovutyk, Secretary of the Board of the NSPU Anna Bahanna spoke about it and about much more Writers Dmitriy Mishchenko, Nikolay Som, Volodymyr Mordan, Grigoriy Gayjoy, Antony Tsvit, Mykola Gritsenko, Kobzar Yaroslav Chernoguwith, Mykola Moszyk, Stepan Shcherbak, deputy chairman of Nedrygaylivsky District State Administration Gennadiy Antonenko, head of the District Council Mykola Pivotal, the author of the writer Irina Vesko, Pasha Ivanchenko, Nikolai Porkhonenko, other countrymen who came from the Sumy region to honor the anniversary.

In this really festive evening from the stage of the National Philharmonic sounded songs on words of Oleksa Yushchenko and folk songs, the lines of his deeply lyrical and passionate poems performed by the actors. And as for many years, dressed in the native Ukrainian embroidered shirt, the participants of the present reading of his own works by Oleksa Yakovlevich himself – gray and wise, sincere and kind, tireless and young!

Valeriy Herasymchuk.

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