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15.10.2007   AGREEMENT




on establishment of the International Association

of Writers' Unions " WORD WITHOUT FRONTIERS"




The leaders of writers' organizations - participants of the International Writers' Forum "Word without frontiers" (October 11-13, 2007,  Kyiv, Ukraine), hereinafter referred as the "Parties",

 Guided by the  provisions of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization?s (UNESCO) Charter   that the world, which is based only on economical and political agreements of the governments cannot achieve an unanimous, stable and sincere support of the peoples; it has to be based on intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind,

WHEREAS considering multilateral and bilateral cooperation in the sphere of culture as efficient way to the peace strengthening and understanding between the peoples,

WHEREAS acknowledging such cooperation as to youth education in the spirit of mutual confidence, respect and tolerance,

WHEREAS underlining a special role of the international creative contacts for the national literatures development and mutual beneficiation,


HAVE AGREED about the following:


Article 1

The Parties shall establish the International Association of Writers' Unions "Word without frontiers" (hereinafter referred as the "Association") as a mechanism of interaction concerning all the issues of cooperation forming a mutual interest.

The Association is not over-national structure and does not carry out political activity, but reserves a right to bring appeals and statements to the public concerning the activity of the Association's members as well the national languages and literatures development.

Article 2

Any national creative public organization uniting the writers and/or translators, popularizing literary achievements, promoting development of the national culture and carrying out the international activity in the sphere of culture may become a member of the Association.

Article 3

Main objectives of the Association are:

  • Promotion of the international cooperation development in the interests of national literatures mutual beneficiation;
  • Exchange of experience in the sphere of books publishing;
  • Research popularization as to literature history and theory;
  • Support of individual creative contacts between the writers of different countries.


      Article 4

On the assumption of mentioned objectives the Parties will develop and support a different cooperation forms, including:

  • Holding of writers' conferences, seminars, translators' meetings, joint readings, and other cultural and arts events;
  • Publication of exchange editions and individual publications in literary annals of the Parties;
  • Provision of literature theory and history researches with the purpose of cultural heritage and modern literary process popularization in the countries of the Parties;
  • Annul Almanac publishing;
  • Joint celebration of memorable dates related to the life and works of well-known writers of the Partie?s countries;
  • Organization of writers' holidays in Rest Homes of the Parties

      Article 5

The Parties will promote especially the exchanges and joint literary and arts events of creative youth as well as joint literary researches and translators' activity.

      Article 6        

The Parties will carry out the information exchange as to new publications as well as issues concerning copyright sphere and intellectual property rights protection.

              Article 7

Financial terms for joint activities and projects realization, which will be carried out under the Association?s aegis will be agreed additionally in each individual case.

Herewith, all joint activities will be performed withing of interested Parties.


Any Party may refuse to participate in any event or project, herewith it would not hinder the other Parties participation in such event or project. 


            Article 8

The Board consisting of the writer's organizations leaders in composition of the Association is the supreme organ of the Association.


The Chairman of Board is elected from the Board's members for a period of 1 year.


The Board?s meetings will be held regularly once a year at the territory of the country which member is the Association's Chairman, as a rule.


The Board's extraordinary meeting may be hold by an initiative of one or several members of the Board if such initiative is supported by half of the Board's members at least.


Pursuant to the Parties' unanimous consent, the representatives of the international organizations and the national writer's organizations that are not the Association's members may participate at the Board's meetings and in the Association's events as observers. 

            Article 9


The Board of Association shall:

  • Determine priorities and main directions of the Association's activity and approve the appropriate decisions;
  • Consider issues as to reciprocal actions with the international organizations;
  • Approve decisions as to new members admittance to the Association;
  • Accept appeals and statements on behalf of the Association.


            Article 10


The Board's decisions as to the issues concerning the Association's activity as well as appeals and statements accepting on behalf of the Association are decided  only  on consensus base considering the provisions of the Article 7  and coming into effect from the date of its approval if not stipulated otherwise.


            Article 11


With the purpose of better interaction of the Parties within the Association, the Board's meetings preparation and provision of its decisions execution, the Coordinators' Council will be established.


The Board's members will assign the coordinators - by one from each Party.

Coordinators' Council meetings will be carried out in case of necessity but twice a year, at least.


The Party's representative presiding at the Association will be a Chairman of the Coordinators' Council.


As a rule, a receiving Party will undertake financial expenses related to meetings of the Association's Board and Coordinators' Council holding.


            Article 12


A receiving Party shall provide organizational and technical provision of Association's Board and Coordinators' Council meetings.


Current work as to the Association activity provision, on a permanent base, shall be performed by the Secretariat, which functions execute the National Writers Union of Ukraine with attraction of the other Parties' representatives, in necessary.


The Secretariat shall prepare and submit the annual reports on the Association activity to the Board's review.

            Article 13


The documents' drafts may be submit by any Party or the Coordinators' Council through the Secretariat to the Association's Board, at that the Secretariat will send the mentioned drafts to the Board's members and, in necessary, organize its approval.


            Article 14


Permanent and temporary commissions may be created by the Association's Board decisions, and temporary commissions and working groups - by the Coordinators' Council decisions, as well as the Parties' representatives meetings holding as to separate issues of cooperation.


            Article 15


The Association is open to joining of the other national creative public organizations that are in conformity with demands specified in Article 2.


It is not allowed counteracting to the Association joining of any national writer's organization of any country because of political motives.


The Association's Board shall approve a decision on new members joining the Association on the base of official application.


            Article 16


Each Party has a right to secede from the Association by submitting an official notice not later than 6 months before the leaving date, and to regulate all financial and other obligations connected with joint events and projects realization.


Decision on the Association?s dissolution may be approved by the Association's Board with consideration of Article 10 of the Agreement hereof.


            Article 17


Alterations and additions may be applied to this Agreement pursuant to the Parties' consent on the consensus base, which shall be entered by the respective protocols forming an integral part of the Agreement hereof.


            Article 18


This Agreement is coming into effect from the date of it signing and valid until uncertain time.


This Agreement is executed in Kyiv, October 12, 2007 in one copy in the English,Ukrainian  and Russian languages, and all the texts are authentically equal.  Signed copy is kept in the Secretariat of Association, which will send one certified copy to each Party signing this Agreement.



12 october 2007



Azerbaijan - Anar Rzaev


Armenia - Feliks Bakchinyan


Belarus - Ales` Pashkevich


Bulgaria - Dimitar Chernyaev-Hristov


Georgia - Makvala Gonashvili


Israel - Shammai Golan


Latvia - Yuri Sadlovski


Slovak Republic - Ivan Jackanin


Slovenia - Sasa Yovanovic


Ukraine - Volodymyr Yavorivski


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