“Kalynovyi gay” of Independence

13.11.2007 “Kalynovyi gai” of Independence At the initiative of President Viktor Yushchenko 2007 the year commemorating the victims of Holodomor was declared in Ukraine. The terrible tragedy of our people is reflected in creativity of many artists and genetic memory of atrocities awakens in new generations of Ukrainians and sounds in new pieces. Planted by … Read more“Kalynovyi gay” of Independence

In the Name of the Future

01.01.2008 in the name of the future In the name of the future The first Polish-Ukrainian literary seminar “literature on the verge of centuries and large socio-political changes in Ukraine and Poland” took place on December 6-8 in the far from Kyiv City Kosalini. It should be noted that the owners are well prepared for … Read moreIn the Name of the Future

…And they send…

11.11.2007… And they send Creative commissions are working at NSPU. The House of Writers organizes and conducts literary meetings and evenings, presentations of books, conferences, exhibitions and includes various clubs. The Commission on International Literary Relations supports direct relationships with the world literary and cultural organizations and institutions, meets with foreign writers, conferences; Assists in … Read more…And they send…


15.10.2007 Agreement Agreement On establishment of the International Association Of writers ‘ unions “WORD WITHOUT Frontiers” The leaders of writers ‘ organizations-participants of the International writers ‘ Forum ‘ Word Without Frontiers ‘ (October 11-13, 2007, Kyiv, Ukraine), hereinafter referred as the “Parties”, Guided by the provisions of the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural … Read moreAgreement

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