In the name of the Future 2008

01.01.2008 in the name of the future In the name of the future The first Polish-Ukrainian literary seminar “literature on the verge of centuries and large socio-political changes in Ukraine and Poland” took place on December 6-8 in the far from Kyiv City Kosalini. It should be noted that the owners are well prepared for … Read moreIn the name of the Future 2008

Mosaic of Road Encounters

Mosaic of Road Encounters Trees called “Rebecca”… Basil Dovlyku… We do not hurry – circles on water Swim innately, cleanly, unidly. And shine the willow of wrinkled water This incomparable, inimitable miracle. and flow time, through the heart of time. And milk from a jug of soul. and touching the word. The word is the … Read moreMosaic of Road Encounters

On awarding the national Prize of Ukraine

09.03.2008 ruling On awarding the national Prize of Ukraine Shevchenko 2008. Kyiv, February 21, 2008. Committee on the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko P O t a n o b l I have: 1. To approve the protocol of the Counting Commission of the Committee on counting and summarizing the results of … Read moreOn awarding the national Prize of Ukraine

Language Policy in Ukraine Business

Language policy Language policy is the component of the state Discussion Tribune of the newspaper “Ukraine Business”, № 6, 2008 year “Linguistic question” for Ukraine – a kind of a disease started: to treat a long and dull, but also to forget about it is not obtained The State body of language policy, the necessity … Read moreLanguage Policy in Ukraine Business

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