Ukrainian Authors and New Literature

As the Ukrainian nation is today United, as the external influences acting on it were various, and the dominance of other peoples in this country was massive. The famous Russian writer Gogol confessed one day in a letter to a friend that he did not know whether he was Russian or Ukrainian. And he wasn’t the only one feeling it, but most of the great literature authors also who suffered foreign domination and come from different ethnic groups. Indeed, Ukraine is a country which has always been separated East and West, and the Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Germans, and Jews consider their homeland.

NSPU: Sad and Joyful

Volodymyr is a member of the Great Literature Authors ‘ Union of Ukraine, the Ukrainian writer’s major ascetic, tireless propaganda of the national case, in these days. A man for whom the word has never been divorced with deeds. A man who enjoys life, who loves to spend a lot of time with his friends, and is a passionate blackjack player, often playing the game in casino. Read more about that at this link. For many years, he organized the performances of the study of literature and writers to the residents of Ukraine. In the morning mornings and late evenings, in the heat and the wake of the tracks of literature in English speeches, awakened in human souls shoots good, honor and justice.

NSPU’s Article About Remembrance Days

The twentieth century for Ukrainian new literature began with high poetic art. The solar sparks of Pavlo Tychyna erupted, composed the exquisite classic form of Maksym Rylsky, combined the strength and power of Stilsa and Stivius Yevhen Malaniuk, and he was an emotionally responsible world of his poetic laws, Olena Telliga, and was a talented scientific work with The artistic creativity and struggle of Oleh Olzhych, mysteriously pierced in the bowels of the poetic world, Mikhail Semenko, marveled at the work capacity of Valeryan Polischuk, after late, nineteen, flew into the extraterrestrial worlds with his “singing” by Vasyl Chumak. The century promised to be energetically rich – Ukrainian was to become very special prosperity, and the world its unfathomable soul, vyhotite on the millennial Winds of History, sung by Kupalym songs, Vičaklovanu Christmas and Easter Updating.

Eugene Popovich

Yevhen Popovych was in eternity. It underwent a large, irreparable loss not only for translation from literature in English but also for the whole national culture.

Yevhen Oksenovych Popovych was born on June 25, 1930, in the village of Mezhyrich Kaniv District in Cherkassy region. Graduated from Romano-Germanic department of Kyiv University. T. Shevchenko. Later devoted himself to the study of literature and artistic translation. In his brilliant linguistic-stylistic interpretation of the Ukrainian reader came the works of prominent German writers G. Boblya, е. M. Reparca, G. E. Lessinha, T. Mann, G. Hesse, Y. Roth, M. Frisha, J. Mosdorff, M. Walter, V.

30 000 UAH from NSPU for the Best Work of the Year

Polonyniabout Literary Prize of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine and the fund Ernest Guluk (Australia)

The National Union of Great Literature Authors of Ukraine and Ernest Gulik Foundation is based on a literary prize called to attract broad attention of the public and mass media to the most talented works of modern national literature, to promote Popularization and improvement of the authority and prestige of the highly gifted masters of the word. One of the prizes they have is a free 100€ no deposit bonus gift that can be used for playing real money casino games for free. Winners can withdraw the profit they got from playing with the bonus without any requirement.

Language Without Taboos

Oh Tzhe, it happened something that had to happen for a long time. In Kiev, great literature authors from the publishing house “critic” published a world literature book “Ukrainian language without taboos.” Dictionary of obscene language and its matches – or, simply put, the Dictionary of Ukrainian mat and rough swearing.

But the language is the living organism, all parts of which are necessary for the normal functioning of the single whole. and attempts to take out one of those parts does not contribute to the revival and the literature in english language, the way the professional Ukrainians are worried. You can be able to practice in compiling the ode about солов’їну and chaste Ukrainian, to send the pilgrims to the address of “mankurites” and “Agent of the Fifth column”, which is a nightingale.