“Word Without Bordersto” to President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili

10.10.2007 appeal of participants of International new literature Forum “Word Without Borders” to President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili

President of Georgia Mykhailo Saakašvili

Rule of Georgians

We, the participants of the Interdoufolk scribe Forum «The word Without Borders», it is presented to the European Union and the Azeli, vyrazhaem their opzasbochennost in the holy with the situation, Slozzhisheya in the ordination of the scribes, the Georgians.

We read the antivocestvennym Yavlenem, from the time of the world, the law of Ukraine is to attract the democratic censors, the right to abuse the rights of the obchevstvennoj organs, the obedinâûŝej in the ranks of the cvet of the Nazi-based Lyteruurury.

Forcible enthusiasm of the 21 August 2007 года of the Zdanyy soyuzhey Pyateli in Tbylyi can negatively be said on the reputation of Georgians, as a democratic sovereign.

I am ubeszhenya that I like to be in the hand of the subject of the forces in the Georgians and by AE predely, Cotorye not in a concession in the assignment of democratic development.

We are the primarily authorities of the Georgians to return to the face of the Macheleli, 13 in the garden of the ego of the legal power of the river of the Pisateli Georgians. Such solution will be a solution to the Mezhdnodovoyu Interduvolovnoy written obchevstvenstyu.

G. Kisev12 Oktyabrsky 2007 G.

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