Eugene Popovich

Yevhen Popovych was in eternity. It underwent a large, irreparable loss not only for translation from literature in English but also for the whole national culture.

Yevhen Oksenovych Popovych was born on June 25, 1930, in the village of Mezhyrich Kaniv District in Cherkassy region. Graduated from Romano-Germanic department of Kyiv University. T. Shevchenko. Later devoted himself to the study of literature and artistic translation. In his brilliant linguistic-stylistic interpretation of the Ukrainian reader came the works of prominent German writers G. Boblya, е. M. Reparca, G. E. Lessinha, T. Mann, G. Hesse, Y. Roth, M. Frisha, J. Mosdorff, M. Walter, V. Geta, G. Heyn, Austrian and Swiss novelist, the work of the famous Austrian philosopher L. Wittgenstein, written in German “diaries” by Olga Kobylyanska.

E. Popovych was one of the founders and active practitioners of the Ukrainian Translation school, which was formed in 60-70 years and symbolized the challenge of the advanced national intelligentsia of the then totalitarian system. He was the Knight and Warrior of the spirit of Unroots, the intellectual of the European level, the man of high nobility, the interpreter of the longest perfection, and first of all — a great and real Ukrainian. He is uncompromising in defending his important position and national spiritual ideals, E. Popovych was a vivid example for many friends, colleagues in Peru, all honest and respectable people who knew him and revere.

It is passed to another dimension of the long-suffering soul of a great servant of native culture. It remains for the descendants of the diaspora, which is in the word.

The light memory of Eugene POPOPOVHA remains with us forever.

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Kyiv NSPU Organization

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