On Awarding the National Prize of Ukraine

Committee on the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko

1. To approve the protocol of the Counting Commission of the Committee on counting and summarizing the results of secret voting of works and works, admitted to the third round of the competition for obtaining the national Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko in 2008.

2. To award the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko in 2008 for works and works which scored ¾ and more votes are present at the meeting of members of the Committee, such writers and artists:

The voices of Love Vasillivni, the writer – for the novel “Episodic Pampyat”;

Alexander I. Dzekon, Director-Director, petheating of Vladimir Yulianovich, actor-for the performance “Berestechko” of the Rivne regional academic Ukrainian music and drama Theater;

Lyashenko Gennady Ivanovich, a composer-for the cantata “Mystery of Silence” and “stained-glass and landscape” for the choir a cappella on the verses of Taras Shevchenko and Bogdan-Ihor Antonych;

Maluhovu Vitaly Efimovich, director-Director, Benyuku Bogdan Mykhailovich, Aktovya, Sumskaya Natalia Vyacheslavvivni, actress-for the performance “about mice and people” of the theatrical Company “Benyuk and Khotostikoev”;

Pereynosu Peter Mussievich, poet – for the collection of poems «Wheat Clock»;

The peasant faith of the ostorcocks (the Faith of the Wolf), the writer, the citizenship of Brazil – for the book “The Seventh Day”, “Romain-potions” and translations of works of Ukrainian literature in Portuguese;

Sìdaku Vasily Vasilievich, a Masters of Folk art – for a series of wooden sculptures;

Tkach Michael Petrov, film director – for the documentary series “Riddle of Norrylsky Rebellion” (on the resistance of Ukrainian political prisoners in Gulag camps);

Frantiku Valery Aleksandrovich, an artist – for the cycle of painting works “The Rocking bells of the memory”, dedicated to the victims of famines in Ukraine;
Vladimir Yaroslavovych Yakemtsya, I. Yarovku, Yaroslav Myronovich, Bohachu Bohdan Mykhaylyevich, Kapprayu andriyu mirnovyk, Shavali Andrij Mykhailovich, Turyanovya Roman Fedorovych, performers of vocal formation “Pikkardiyska Tertsia” – for concert programs 2003 – 2006 years.

The resolution was accepted unanimously.

Chairman of the Committee: M. Lubkivsky

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