Agreement on Formation

15.10.2007 Agreement on Formation of the International Association of Literary in English Unions “word Without Borders”


On the formation of the International Association

Literary unions “word Without Borders”

Heads of writing organizations-participants of the International Literature Forum “Word Without Borders” (October 11-13, 2007, Kyiv, Ukraine), hereinafter-the Parties, guided by the Statute of the Organization of the United Nations on education, Science and culture ( UNESCO) that the world, which is based only on economic and political arrangements of Governments, will not be able to conquer unanimous, strong and sincere support of the people; It should be based on the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind,

By examining multilateral and bilateral cultural cooperation as an effective means of fostering peace and understanding among nations,

Realizing the importance of such cooperation to educate young people in the spirit of mu


tual trust, respect and tolerance, noting the special role of international creative contacts for development and enrichment of national literatures, agreed on:

Article 1

The Parties form the International Association of Literary Unions “Word Without Borders” (hereinafter-the association) as a mechanism of interaction on all issues of cooperation, which constitute mutual interest.

The association is not a supranational structure and does not exercise political activity, reserves the right to disclose appeals and statements concerning the activities of the association members, as well as the development of national languages and literatures.

Article 2

A member of the association can be a national creative public organization, which is a part of the development of writers and/or translators, populalizes literary achievements, promotes national culture and conducts international activities in the sphere of culture.

Article 3

The main objectives of the Association are:

-Facilitating the development of international cooperation in the interests of mutually enriching national literatures;
-Exchange of experience in the field of book publishing;
-Popularization of research on history and theory of literature;
-Maintaining personal creative contacts between writers of different countries.

Article 4

Based on the goals, the parties will develop and encourage various forms of cooperation, including:

-Conducting of writing conferences, seminars, meetings of translators, joint creative evenings, other cultural and artistic events;

-issue of exchange numbers and separate publications in literary journals of the parties;

-Realization of literary research in order to popularize cultural heritage and modern literary process in the States of the Parties;

-Publication of the annual Almanac;

-Total commemoration of the memory? Date, related to the life and creativity of the prominent writers of the states of the Parties;

-Organization of holiday writers in the homes of creativity of the parties.

Article 5

The parties will especially encourage exchanges and joint literary and artistic actions of creative youth, as well as joint literary research and activities of translators.

Article 6

The Parties will exchange information on new editions, as well as on issues related to copyright and intellectual property protection.

Article 7

Financial conditions for the implementation of joint events and projects, which are carried out under the auspices of the Association, will be defined additionally in each individual case.

In this case all joint actions are carried out in the format of interested parties.

Any Party may refuse to participate in a certain event or project that is not an obstacle for other parties to participate in it.

Article 8

The supreme body of the association is the Council consisting of the leaders of the writing organizations belonging to the association.

The Chairman of the Board is elected by a number of board members for one year.

The board meetings take place on a regular basis once a year, usually on the territory of a country whose representative presides over the association.

An extraordinary meeting of the Council may take place on the initiative of one or more members of the Council, if such initiative is supported by at least half of the board members

In the meetings of the Council and activities of the Association on the unanimous consent of the parties can participate as observers by representatives of international organizations and national writing organizations, which are not members of the association.

Article 9

Association Council:

-Determines the priorities and main directions of the association’s activity and approves the relevant decisions;
-considers interaction issues with other international organizations;
Adopts decisions on acceptance to the Association of new members;
-Accepts appeals and statements on behalf of the association.

Article 10

Decisions of the Council on questions concerning the association’s activities, as well as appeals and statements on behalf of the Association shall be accepted only by consensus taking into account the provisions of article 7 of this Agreement and take effect from the moment of their approval unless otherwise stipulated by the

Article 11

In order to better communicate the parties within the association, to prepare meetings of the Association Council and to ensure the implementation of its decisions the Council of Coordinators is formed.

The coordinators are appointed by the board members-one of each side.

Meetings of the Council of coordinators take place as necessary, at least twice a year.

Chairman of the Board of Coordinators, a representative of the party who presides at the Council of the Association.

The financial expenditures of the Association board meetings and the Council of coordinators, as a rule, assume the party that accepts.

Article 12

Organizational and technical support of meetings of the Association Council and the Council of Coordinators carries the party accepting.

The current work on ensuring the association’s activities on a permanent basis is carried out by the secretariat, whose functions are performed by the National Union of Writers of Ukraine involving, if necessary, representatives of other parties.

The secretariat prepares and submits to the board annual reports on the association’s activities.

Article 13

Draft documents can be made for consideration by the Council of the Association by any party or board of coordinators through the Secretariat, which sends the specified projects to the Council members and, if necessary, organizes their approval.

Article 14

The decision of the Council of the Association can be formed permanent and temporary, and the decision of the Council of coordinators-temporary commissions and working groups, as well as meetings of representatives of the Parties on separate issues of cooperation.

Article 15

The association is open for joining with other national creative public organizations that meet the requirements of article 2.

Counteraction to the Association of National Writing organization of any country for political reasons is not allowed.

The decision to adopt the Association of new members is approved by the Association Council on the basis of an official appeal.

Article 16

Each party has the right to withdraw from the association, officially warned about it not later than 6 months before the date of release, and vregulûvavši all financial and other commitments? related to the implementation of joint activities and projects.

The decision to dissolve the association may be approved by the Council of the Association with regard to the provisions of article 10 of the Agreement.

Article 17

The agreement with the consent of the parties on the basis of consensus may be amended and amended by separate protocols that are of its non-negative.

Article 18

This Agreement shall be effective from the date of its signature indefinitely.

It was carried out in the city of Kyiv on October, 12, 2007 in one instance in Ukrainian, English and Russian, and all texts are authentic. The signed copy is stored in the Association secretariat, which sends the parties that signed this Agreement and its certified copy.

In Kiev

October 12, 2007
Azerbaijan-Anar Rzaev
Armenia-Felix Bakhchisaray
Belarus-Alys Pashkevych
Bulgaria-Dymitar Chernyaev-Khrybov
Georgia-Makwala Gonashvili
Israel-Shammai Golan
Latvia-Yuri Sadovskiy
Slovakia – Ivan Yatskanin (Union of Ukrainian Writers of Slovakia)
Slovenia-Sasha Joanovich
Ukraine-Volodymyr Yavorivsky

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