“Kalynovyi gay” of Independence

At the initiative of President Viktor Yushchenko 2007 the year commemorating the victims of Holodomor was declared in Ukraine. The terrible tragedy of our people is reflected in creativity of many artists and genetic memory of atrocities awakens in new generations of Ukrainians and sounds in new pieces.

Planted by Viktor Yushchenko and his associates on the slopes of the Dnieper eleven thousand bushes of Viburnum from different parts of our country have not left indifferent poetess Antoninu Ostrolutsk and sixteen-year-old Kyiv composer Vitaly Kyjnytsya, they created Song-Requiem “Kalynovyi Hai”. The presentation of the work was held on November 8, 2007 in Kyiv City Teacher’s house on the creative evening of V. Kiynytsi “The violinist Key of spiritual notes”. On the high note of mastery of this work under the composition of the author performed the Laureate of international contests, associate professor of Bandura Department of National Music Academy Larysa Dedykh.

And they were in a busy hall, as a disclaimer of the cured, the suffering of the word:

“Viburnum blossom

Obscures land

For the paternal grief,

For crying babies,

Viburnum Grove,

Viburnum Grove,

Sufferings of the People

All remind. ”

Vitaly Kiynitsa is engaged in music since the age of six, now he is the second year student of the Kyiv State Music School. Glier. The young composer cooperates with many Ukrainian poets, he is the author of three hundred songs and romances, more than thirty piano works, the author of 3 musical collections “Thank you, Mom, for Life”, “Oddity”, “aster”.

I dream of issue of printing already written a fourth collection – a collection of romances. After all, as the presenter of the evening Nelya Danilenko, the music circles constantly debate: Is there a modern Ukrainian romance in Ukraine?

V. Kiyytsya together with many Ukrainian poets proves – Ukrainian romance is, develops and has the right to life. As the testimony of this on the creative evening “the violinist Key of spiritual notes” sounded modern Ukrainian romances on the poetry of P. perejonosa, Y. Titova, L. Petrovova, v. Kovtuna, A. Ostrovska, v. Owls, L. Panchenko.

Performed v. Kiynitsa and their preludes and dedicate to his favorite poems by Y. Tikov and V. Kovtunu.

The audience and songs of young Maestro on poems by D. Lutsenko, L. Fedoruk, Y. Titova, L. Petroveva, G. Biletskaya, S. Zhuk, V. Zinchenko were perceived with gratitude.

In “The squeaky key of spiritual notes” sounded and the song “Radio” Culture “, because the creative life of V. Kiynytsi and his recognition began with the 3rd program of Ukrainian Radio-radio” culture “.

That evening his charming voices and sophistication were donated to listeners and spectators of honoured artists of Ukraine Oksana Kalinchuk, Svitlana Myrvoda, Natalia Shelpnytska, laureates of international and all-Ukrainian festivals Larysa Dedyh, Markiyan Svyato, Iryna Persanova, Sergei Dyachenko, Lidiya Maksymiak, Karina Karaseva, Alexander Quick, Timothy Mirvoda, Viktoriya Rozhkovskaya, Julia Levchenko.

The evening was held due to the support of Kyiv City teachers ‘ house, Women’s Union of Kyiv, Creative Association “Photography”, national Radio Company of Ukraine.

After his first creative evening, Vitaly Kiynitsa gave an interview to foreign journalists. Such interest of his work is not accidental, because, having a talent, V. Kiyytsya together with his collaborators calls all Ukrainians, all people of good will:

“Let’s unite, people

Good name,

To the memory of the People

We lived with us.

Viburnum Grove,

Viburnum Grove,

From the pain of the Vcountry

Protect the canopy. “

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