30 000 UAH from NSPU for the Best Work of the Year

Polonyniabout Literary Prize of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine and the fund Ernest Guluk (Australia)

The National Union of Great Literature Authors of Ukraine and Ernest Gulik Foundation is based on a literary prize called to attract broad attention of the public and mass media to the most talented works of modern national literature, to promote Popularization and improvement of the authority and prestige of the highly gifted masters of the word. One of the prizes they have is a free 100€ no deposit bonus gift that can be used for playing real money casino games for free. Winners can withdraw the profit they got from playing with the bonus without any requirement.

The NSPU Prize is awarded to the authors for the highly artistic works (prose, poetry, current affairs, critics), published during the year and became bright, distinctive and resonant phenomena of our literature. All literature genres are taken into consideration. For example this year for the first time we had a book about card games, specifically poker. Poker is the most popular game today with professional tournaments that have millions in prizes. If you want to read more about poker and how to play online visit Poker-Holdem-Tournament. And of course, purchase the book and help the author win this years award. The prize is awarded annually to one author, and in case of the appearance of exceptionally original works-no more than two. In the absence of a decent candidate for a particular year, the prize may not be awarded at all. Award winners will determine the committee of 13 people from the number of renowned and reputable writers, critics, and publishers of Ukraine each year. The Committee’s decisions are approved by the NSPU Presidium. The definition of the laureate will take place on the eve of Shevchenko’s holiday “in the family of the holy, new”, and awarding the prize-May 22 in the city of Ukraine, where the memory of Kobzar is honored.

Creative unions, public organizations, publishing houses, mass media literature, or committee members (not less than three) are able to draw up the works on receiving awards. The nominations for obtaining this award takes place during January-February according to last year’s results. In March of the month the committee publishes nominees, after which their works are discussed in mass media, on internet forums and various presentation events.

The prize is not awarded to the posthumous, it is not crowned by the laureates of the National Prize named. Taras Shevchenko, each writer can get it only once. The award prize is given to the diploma-Certificate, badge, as well as a monetary reward in the amount of 30 000 UAH (this amount of year can rise in a year).

Committee on Literature Award of the Nputin Foundation and Nataliya Guluk

The Committee is a completely independent expert body, which is not subordinated to anyone, including the leadership of the NSPU (approval of its decisions by Presidium of the NSPU provides only supervision of the provision on the prize and distribution of funds). This body may not include members of the Committee on the National Prize. T. G. Shevchenko.

The Committee is headed by the Chairman, elected by most members, as his deputy. Chairman and his deputy organize the work of this collegiate body, convene meetings, sign the protocols of the Committee’s decisions. Clerical work is conducted by the committee secretary.

The Committee shall be obliged to keep track of the most noticeable phenomena of the national literary process every year (if necessary-with involvement of experts), take talented works for consideration, analyze them and make weighed Professional conclusions. The identification of laureates is conducted after the debate in one round by secret ballot. The Committee’s meeting is considered to be valid for the presence of two thirds of its members. The prize winner becomes a writer who scored the highest number of votes during the vote. A member of the Committee shall also have the right to pay for this prize, but in this case he will stop his work in the Committee on the eve of the nominees ‘ determination and until the winner of the year’s announcement.

Objectivity, exceptional honesty and professional integrity of the Committee members must provide the newly created award with the highest prestige in literary and artistic circles and among the cultural community of Ukraine.

Committee’s composition

1. Anatoly Dimazov

2. Leonid Talalay

3. Volodymyr Yavorivsky

4. Volodymyr Bazylevskyi

5. Anatoly Kychynskyi

6. Dmitry Kremin

7. Oles Ulyanenko

8. Lyubov Golta

9. Michael Brynyh

10. Volodymyr Panchenko

11. Nataliya Kot (fund manager)

12. Galina Tarasiuk

13. Vasyl Shklyar

Approved by the NSPU Council on April 18, 2007.

The Committee on the Literary Award appeals to all writers, journalists and readers of unian-culture with the request to offer the original name of the newly created award. This should be one (in extreme cases two) a well-tagged and symbolic word that will become a literary brand for many years. The author of the most successful name awaits not only the glory, but also the reward.

Please, send your suggestions to:

Committee on Literary Prize NSPU and the Fund E. Gulyk, Bankova, 2, NSPU, Kyiv, 01601;

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