And They Send

Creative commissions are working at NSPU.

The House of Writers organizes and conducts literary meetings and evenings, presentations of books, conferences, exhibitions and includes various clubs.

The Commission on International Literary Relations supports direct relationships with the world literary and cultural organizations and institutions, meets with foreign writers, conferences; Assists in the work of translators and books of foreign authors.

The Publishing committee makes an expert estimation of the artistic value of the manuscript and cooperates with funds and sponsors that are able to support the publication of the books of famous authors in Ukraine.

The Commission on working with creative youth helps tips young authors, promotes the publication of their works, conducts creative seminars of young writers, contests.

The library has a large book foundation (over 100 000 volumes). The library performs information and bibliographic work, organizes book exhibitions in honor of the outstanding literary events and anniversary dates.

The Literary fund provides financial support and grants the members of the NSPU. His activity aims to create the best conditions for creative work of writers, for their recreation and recreation. The Literary fund holds a clinic and a recreation house for writers in Irpin (near Kyiv), Odessa, Yalta and Koktebel.

The National Union of Writers of Ukraine also has its own publishing house (“Ukrainian writer”) and magazines (“Fatherland”, “Vsesvit”, “Dzvin”, “Donbass” and others), as well as the newspaper (“Literary Ukraine”). New publishing houses (“Granoslov”), new periodicals, in particular in different regions of Ukraine are also created.

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