In the Name of the Future 2008

The first Polish-Ukrainian new literary seminar “literature on the verge of centuries and large socio-political changes in Ukraine and Poland” took place on December 6-8 in the far from Kyiv City Kosalini. It should be noted that the owners are well prepared for this event, in which the Polish side was attended by peršorâdnì writers: the head of the Union of Polish writers Marek Vavzhkevych, a famous poet and translator-Ukrainist Bogdan Strira, whose poems repeatedly We published on the pages of “universe” and different poetic anthologies, and recently came to the world a separate book, as well as famous poets and literary critics Leszek Zhulynsky, Michal Jagello, Andrzej Vashkevych and, of course, the real classic of the modern Polish Literature, author of translated books in Ukraine “pine nuts”, “Wandering Lights”, “Storm”, “time, guys, home” and finally “Sibiriad Polish”, the holder of the order of Yaroslav the Wise coincided Domino.

By the way, Polish participants of the seminar, as well as Ukrainian ones, were treated with Warsaw by train through half of Poland. But the idea of the organizers, among which, in addition to the Union of Polish writers, were Gdansk the higher humanitarian school and the Baltic higher Humanitarian School in Kosalini (in the Hall of which in the presence of students and a seminar took place)-proved to be surprisingly successful. After all, such a distant trip enabled one of the seminar sessions to take on a departure – before teachers and students of the Ukrainian lyceum of white Bir town. And a trip, perhaps, a stock? And the Ukrainian and Polish writers are not the most: and three flags – Ukraine, Poland, and the European Union – in front of the Lyceum, and memory? The most important are the disciples, who are here on Western Pomor? The language And culture of parents-Ukrainians and at the same time, there are already citizens of free trade in Europe.

The meeting in the Lyceum was a kind of open lesson – and it is not only literature but also the civil position – that it together with Polish colleagues gave members of the Ukrainian delegation: Secretary of the Board of the NSPU Anatoly Krym, writers Valery Guzhva, Sergey Borchevovskiy, an Atoils Moysiyenko.

A touching event within the framework of the seminar was the creative evening of the poet-songwriter Ryszard Ulitsky on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his or not the most famous work – the song “Colour Fairs” and the 45 anniversary of creative activity. And that the countdown of creative activity on the Registrar is conducted in years, but not in the concrete dates, it is quite good to assume that this evening is not by chance, but from the good intentions of Mr. Ulitsky (which with his wife Maria, the editor of the “lunar” magazine was actively joined to The organization of the Workshop) was held during the course of the writers from Ukraine.

In general, the seminar, which became the first after a long break of the meeting of Ukrainian and Polish writers at the level of official delegations of creative unions, confirmed one undeniable fact: a desire to cooperate. The relevant agreement was signed by December 9, Marek Vavzhkevich and Anatoly Krym. Next, the second seminar, it is supposed to hold already in Ukraine.

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