About the Situation Around the Publishing House “Ukrainian Writer”

Since the appointment of a. Savchuk, the director of the Ukrainian writer publishing house was hoped that with the advent of the new kermanych the favourable conditions for development of the publishing House of Ukrainian writers will be created. However, the expectations were not justified.

A. Savchuk has been admitted to work as director of the publishing union of the Ukrainian Writer’s Association on January 15, 2004, on the terms defined by the contract. That is, conditions of remuneration and work term are determined in accordance with the concluded employment agreement (contract). In accordance with art. 24 The Labor Code of Ukraine, the contract may be concluded only in writing, that is, the contract may not be issued only by the publication of the Order of hiring. To conclude a contract it is necessary that the parties have signed the document under the following heading.

On April 17, 2007, the Presidium of the NSPU approved a contract to manage the publishing house of the National Writers ‘ Union of Ukraine “Ukrainian writer” and determined the procedure of his (contract) conclusion, that Savchuk warned on April 17, 2007.

A. Savchuk refused to conclude the contract, that is, refused to continue work, in connection with the dissent to work on the conditions of the contract, which was noted in the text of the Protocol of intentions dated May 8, 2007. According to the explanations of the plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine on the practice of Court of Labor disputes P. 9 of 06.11.92, “refusal of the employee to conclude a contract can be grounds for termination of the employment contract under article 6. 36 kznp… ”

In connection with the refusal of a. Savchuk from the continuation of work, and not working on the conditions of contract, the Presidium of the NSPU at his meeting on June 5, 2007 was: of the year to stop under paragraph 6 of article 36 of the action of the labor contract concluded 15.01.2004 R. Between a. Savchuk and the National Union of Writers of Ukraine.

2. To release Savchuk Andriy Aleksandrovich from the position of Director of the National Association of Writers of Ukraine “Ukrainian writer” 11.06.2007 R. For refusal from continuation of work, in connection with dissent work on conditions of contract (paragraph 6, 36 KZNP).

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